Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Thanks rdswift. Wilco.


requesting vote for a merge release edit

I contributed the new album yesterday and I only discovered today that there is an existing edit when I tried to tagged my mp3 files on picard. The old edit has wrong information (artist credits, etc) and would like to merge the release to my edit which has correct info.

I would like to get votes on a track add I just did so that I can apply discid. I have looked through the edits. I have added front, back, & credit art, please see them to reference this track add. Track 7 “Pumpkin Mini” is missing, my research shows this is the only version produced. Original release was added from web pages that no longer exist. My package has same label, catalog, date, barcode, and amazon page agrees. I have added track 7 “Pumpkin Mini”, pushing track listing down.

If this is not acceptable I will cancel the edit create a new release.


Someone created a duplicate entity of a Place using a former name of said Place. I entered edit #51360078 to merge them together, explaining that we have a “credited as” feature for this type of situation, but still got hit with a No vote.


I’d like some votes/feedback on my open edits:

Mentoring system for MusicBrainz editing/voting

hiho, i want to submit discids to this release

but medium two is messed up. i corrected it in and need some votes on it


I need this edit to be ‘yes’ voted. (or no, if you think it is wrong, lol)
I need to merge an artist into this artist, but I need the name change to happen first, to prevent a “failed dependency”.


No edit note, no evidence supplied here either as to why your edit is correct

How to help people with classical editing?

I’d love to do some voting and help out, though I need those ten confirmed edits yet. I’m not picky about it if anyone just wants to pick and choose, though I’ve been trying to get this guy’s releases up:


I entered and then realized there are a bunch of other recordings I screwed up in matching to this release when I added it (some were from a DJ-mixed album that I had no idea going in was a DJ-mix). I could attempt to fix them now, but since this edit adds track times it would make it easier if any further fixes could be done after it went through.


help vote for an edit. Appreciate your thoughts on it. Thanks.


Can you please vote on

The edits are based on the discussion here: How do we remove releases from a release group?

I wouldn’t have minded waiting for a few days for it to get auto-accepted, but I got a warning saying the release group will get purged soon if it is not associated with a release. If it gets purged, the auto-accepts will fail too.

How do we remove releases from a release group?

Please have a look at
I feel like my reasoning is a waste of time.


I’d be grateful if an auto-editor could approve this sequence of edits of mine. I stupidly batch-added a bunch of works (scenes from Tosca) that already existed. I should really have then, as penance, merged each of them into the corresponding existing work, but that looked like it would be quite time-consuming, so instead I batch-removed all the relationships I’d just added to them. Once these are gone, hopefully the new duplicate works will disappear.


If anyone is bored and wants to help kick a vote through - help much appreciated. Especially as this album is newly released and I expect a number of people using this data for tagging in coming days.

Details here: Need help correcting wrongly named release

I am merging a broken entry into a good entry. See full editing history if you want the conversations. (Including a bit of a natter between me and the original editor)

This is the merge that needs the votes please:

Be careful to note the collection of different catalogue numbers and barcodes here. The barcode and catalogue number of the outer slipcase is used for the Deluxe release.

Any other feedback appreciated. :slight_smile:


Continued –



I would like to become an Auto-Editor, nominate me, please.

In my spare time I am engaged in adding music to musicbrainz that does not exist there, which I buy through bandcamp.
I have an understanding of styleguides and also a desire to work for the benefit of the community.

My musicbrainz profile:

Thank you.


I need some votes here: and

The issue is that a track has been consistently printed as “怱怱” (pronounced “chong chong”). 怱 is a more obscure way of writing 匆 (also pronounced “chong”), but both Chinese characters mean the same. 怱 is definitely not a typo, because it has been printed this way in the initial release and re-releases. The Mandarin translation of the Cantonese song bears the same title and is also printed as “怱怱” in the Taiwan and Chinese mainland releases. The other editor is trying to say that we should use “匆匆” instead because it is more commonly written as so.


I need some votes to correct a wrongly added disc ID. I’ve got lent some library CDs by Doldinger/passport and some discs were in the wrong package. Checked to late… (faulty disc ID; 8 tracks) (correct disc ID; 10 tracks)



I got a no vote on a routine featured artist edit because of some uncited conflict with’s data.