Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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@doomedtx, as I said in my edit notes, you first removed the feat from title without adding it to artist (move).
Please next times move the feat instead of removing it.

You later on request added it to the artist credits field but it’s kind of confuse this way so it’s better to make a single edit that moves the feat from title to artist credits next time. :slight_smile:

cf. My random (most recent) example.


Could I get some votes on the following edit. The original information was all entered from online sources that did not show the hidden/unlabeled track 19. I want to add the discid and ISRC’s but cannot for 6 days.


Could I get some votes on the following edits - and . I believe I’ve read somewhere on MB to use as much info. about the release as possible, including spines backs and mediums.

Thank you.


Hi guys someone voted no for my edit on a cd release of M A N I A by Fall Out Boy with messed up track listing.

I am requesting for votes or for an autoeditor to fix the issue.



Please disregard my request its my fault there is indeed different track listing on online and cd. I will cancel my edit. :slight_smile:


I tried to improve the entry for HUNTER×HUNTER ― オリジナル・サウンドトラック Vol.3. I would like to ask for a review of my changes which should show up as my latest edits.

The two edits I believe I require votes for to pass are the removal of incorrect cover art

and removal of cover art that I replaced with a higher resolution version

Thank you!


Featured artist credits with aka:

Invalid extra title information:


Hi guys can someone help me on this? I edited:

someone edited it and changed it to the one with no track length thus my edit failed.
Is it possible to revert the edits?


failed dependencies happen.
try your edit(s) again.


So it’s my understanding that standard practice for live recordings is to enter them as “Title” with a disambiguation describing their recording location and date, rather than “Title (live)” with or without a disambiguation.
I recently edited some recordings to reflect this, but got a barrage of silent No votes:


It remembers me another edit.
I don’t see why not naming the recording like 100% of its tracks, when a recording has all its track titled the same way.
I would prefer that in the case of 100% track consistency, the recording would follow.


adding back cover from amazon and receiving a silent no vote from an autoeditor.


So I go to correct a misassociated artist credit (as well as some style-based fixes) and I get hit with a silent No vote:


for some reasons I uploaded a different cd release through picard and only discovered my mistake after I press the enter edit button.
I edited to remove my own edit
and if anyone can help me vote on this edit to hasten the removal time.
I have so far uploaded correct cd release to replace this one.
You vote would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Please cast your vote on as I can’t reach the editor who objected to the edit.


I need some votes for I am making a new recording because the CD in hand says the track has a different ISRC than the one in the recording already assigned to it. I need the new recording to be created, so I can assign the disc-imported ISRC.

FYI, the ISRC of the original recording was imported from, so I’m not sure of its accuracy.


You can add multiple ISRCs to the same recording, can’t you?


Yes, but I can’t be sure if they are the same recording. I can merge them when I find evidence that they are. Better split them for now.


Would one of you “Spam Ninja’s” look at someones edits @ through 9855? If we run across suspected spam, how should we report it? Sorry about posting here, just didn’t know where else.



If you click on the editor link to bring up their profile page, there’s a link at the bottom to “Report this user for bad behavior”.