Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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It looks like the same person created all of the pages used as evidence.


Please keep edit specific notes and discussions to the relevant edits.


Can I get somebody take a look at edit # 47558639? It doesn’t look right to me, but I would like to get a second opinion.


I think I need some votes on edit #47873188. I’d like to add more data to this release, but I can’t until the recordings are fixed.


Need votes on to go on further with merging recordings.



Could I get an auto-editor to run the classical replace recording artists script on ?


Any chance I can get some votes on

Edit #48075791
Edit #48071891

Both are about the same issue and involves the same editor. It’s a basic edit of moving edition info to disambiguation comment.


Can someone (preferably an auto-editor) take a look at:

I’ve reported the editor for spam but would like to get the spam links off the website sooner rather than later. Also, it seems removing these relationships is what will cause spam series to go away.


I need some help. I entered but jumped the gun and entered before the former had a chance to pass, and ended up accidentally attaching the Disc ID to the wrong release.



requesting to auto-appriove my open edits on this release:

I have crosschecked them with this website:
I also verified a special case with reosarevok CD4 track 12. Decca website mentions WQ30 while it should be WQ41



I need some votes on this.
A certain editor added an entire release group (alternate versions of the same vinyl, and even a CD reissue) with only one recording for each side, despite the fact the cover art the same editor went on to upload clearly delineates separate tracks (thereby necessitating separate recordings). I can’t clean up the 4 other releases in the release group until this passes, so I’d greatly appreciate some help/extra eyes.

EDIT: The same editor added at least one other release group the same way, this time with a screwed-up join phrase. I entered this edit to kill two birds with one stone; I’m stuck waiting until it passes.


Separating out recordings from two releases (I mistakenly used the same recordings, but they are quite different upon checking/listening to them both):

Thank you!


Please help me merging four mediums (2 duplicates) as I have to wait for them until I can merge the 4CD release:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Merges not applied with 3+ Yes votes and no No votes

I’m a noob and just entered some information for the first time. Do I need to ask for someone to check it, or does that happen automatically for noobs? (I didn’t check “make all edits votable” because at the time I didn’t know what it meant.) Thanks.


If you don’t “urgent” assistance, it’s probably better to just wait and let the voting process go its course. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I wasn’t understanding that an “auto-editor” is still a person and that it wouldn’t go through automatically. I’ll wait to see what happens and keep reading.

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Merges not applied with 3+ Yes votes and no No votes

Hi, I would be grateful for some votes on my edit #48871190: looking at the presence of the barcode and at the catalog number, this entry is obviously for the physical release. Changing the medium to CD will allow me to attach the CD ID.


There’s already older edit #48803166 to change the medium format.


Just for the record, digital releases sometimes share cat. no. and barcode with physical releases. I didn’t do any investigation of this particular case, just wanted to give a heads up for future consideration. :slight_smile: