Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

Can I get some other eyes on this before it fails?

I’m not sure if I’m missing something! Help :smiley:

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Could I get someone to approve these two edits to allow a merge? Edit #91053372 - MusicBrainz and Edit #91053371 - MusicBrainz

I accidentally entered 1987 as the end of The Gallery in Chertsey.
Edit #91092822 - MusicBrainz
As I made some edits to unravel the relationships, it would be good to have this edit approved quickly. Both places (Gallery Studio and Gallery Studios) are now rightfully associated to the same Discogs label (merged).

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Some additional eyes on this (and related edits to the release/release group) might be helpful: Edit #91239850 - MusicBrainz

Quite some time ago two different recordings were merged into one in They are the album version of Roxette’s “I Was So Lucky” and an alternate mix named “I Was So Lucky (The Golden Blow)”.

I have some edits open to start fixing this:

  1. renames the recording to not include the ETI of the alternate mix
  2. removes the ISRC of the alternate mix
  3. Edit #91420350 - MusicBrainz creates a new recording for the alternate mix

If I can get these approved, I can link the new recording to the other tracks that need updating.

Next time you can be autonomous by creating the new recording from the Recordings tab’s recording search pop-up.
So you can directly assign the ISRC and edit the other mediums.

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this artist is, in my opinion, not a group. i’d like opinions on the open edits because i’m trying to remove it, while someone else is trying to do the opposite

my explanation is here: Edit #91277393 - MusicBrainz

i’d like as many people to vote on this as possible because it sets a precedent for a lot of releases :slight_smile:

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I think this somewhat unusual release group merge could benefit from some more voters: Edit #91451996 - MusicBrainz

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I’m having some second thoughts about If you go to the label’s website, you’ll see how they present the label name (it’s shown the same way on streaming services, which led me to add the source label).
Should I keep them separate and linked them with “renamed into/from” or go through with the merge?

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hi! can someone approve this edit to fix my embarrassing mistake lol

sorry for sending so much this week! i just have one more i’d like eyes on

I’m trying to merge a promotion-status release for which there is currently no reason to believe it should be separated from the official-status release:

In the dedicated discussion, Should Promo releases that are simply physically-watermarked copies of the Official release be added as duplicate releases?, there’s currently overwhelming feedback that such a release such be merged.

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@sammyrayy is going through labels and artists set to [worldwide], and changing them to a single country or removing the area.

Label Edits | Artist Edits
(more or less, my search-fu isn’t that great)

Most of these are international collaborations or netlabels.

Personally I disagree with this approach, I think [worldwide] is perfectly acceptable for a international or online based collaboration or entity. We should find consensus and then update the guidelines either way, before proceeding with mass editing. Then we can edit with confidence, .

The style lead @reosarevok voted down some of the very first edits, but I’m not sure that’s been taken on board tbh.


I have blanket voted no on the above edits, which isn’t ideal, but I don’t have time to go through everything. More input would be great.

Discussion is taking place on this edit.

Can someone please have a look at these?

This shows as closed but the change doesn’t seem to have been applied:

These two show as approved but the changes also seem to not have been applied:


Hello, @whyisntthishere . Thank you for helping to improve MusicBrainz.

These are three instances of the same confusion.

Edit 91754984 is a change to the title of a Recording. The change was applied. However, this change to the Recording does not change the title of track 1 of the Release, Forgive Me Father Soundtrack. To change the track title, use the Edit tab on the Release page.

Edits 91754996 and 91754998 are the same story, but about tracks 8 and 12 of the same Release. One edit to the Release would let you correct all three Track Titles.

This might be a good opportunity to read the documentation explaining the concepts of Release, Track, and Recording.

Also, you did the right thing by asking about the confusing results of these edits. However, this “Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread” is not quite the right place to ask. This is the place to get attention for edits which are still open or need votes. Starting a new Topic in the general MusicBrainz forum would be more appropriate for a question about, “Why didn’t these MusicBrainz edits do what I expected?”

I look forward to many further contributions from you. Thank you!
—Jim DeLaHunt

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this artist was born in the united states, but travels the world performing. currently the area is worldwide, but i’d like it to be united states because the artist is american. i respect other’s opinions on the situation but i’d like more people to vote!

see Style / Artist - MusicBrainz

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Could you validate from oldest to newest:

To explain while I was merging some tracks I realized most of the releases were wrong as based on the Bandcamp reissue which actually have different trackorder than their vinyl reissues.
Requesting validation from auto editors to be able to recheck directly all the changes to avoid any operational error.