Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

Can I get some eyes on this edit? I’d like to know if I missed something important.

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Could I get some help with this release?

Messed up big time and Medium 1 & 2 got mixed up when creating the release so now I’m trying to merge the duplicated tracks.

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Hi, I’ve got a bunch more requests-- This time I waited until I was all done submitting edits for CYTOKINE’s stuff :blush:

All the edits in this post are of the sort that’d affect how Picard tags files, so naturally I’m antsy to get them through.

  5. Edit #89599290 - MusicBrainz
  6. Edit #89605860 - MusicBrainz
  7. Edit #89632604 - MusicBrainz
  8. Edit #89632603 - MusicBrainz
    …And then basically everything currently on Open Edits for BACKFLASH Audibility - MusicBrainz :stuck_out_tongue:
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I approved them all except for your last three links, where I just voted yes.
If someone with more experience with JP releases could have a look and see if they can approve those please, or if they should stay open for voting :v:

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Don’t often ask for AE help - but here I am.

New Pixies 8CD Live boxset. I had added this based on pre-release info. Turns out CD1 has different track splits. Any votes that can help speed this through would be really helpful, not just to me but to anyone else who is getting a copy of this this week.

Thanks @chaban for kicking this through. I realise the “remove the extra CD” can’t be sped up… but maybe if enough votes appear?

Woo!! All done. Thanks :partying_face:


This is for @sbontrager, @rossetyler and other Bowie fans.

The 2012 40th Anniversary Edition(s) included two three new versions of ZIGGY STARDUST album tracks and of some outtakes / B-sides too:

  • 2012 remasters
  • 2003 Ken Scott remixes
    • stereo
    • 5.1 multichannel

Remasters should reuse the same recordings but not the remixes.

It’s what happened for all except for VELVET GOLDMINE which happened to end up having the same recording for 2003 Ken Scott stereo mix.

Maybe because of a merge, maybe because of one of my merges, even, I have not researched yet.

But today, the historic recording (to which old tracks and remasters should link to), recently obtained a 2003 stereo remix disambiguation comment, because it ended up linked to 2003 remixed tracks.

I am now splitting this recording (again?) by (re?)creating a proper 2003 stereo remix recording and removing this wrong comment on historic recording and relinking the 2003 remixed tracks to the 2003 remixed new recording.
Could you follow this confusing sentence? :woozy_face:

If you could review these edits and vote no if I’m wrong or if something seems bad along them.

Thanks! :bowing_man:


Hi, would you help me fix a simple RG mistake?

I would like to have a vote on this edit please:

Closes at 2022-05-29 11:49 UTC

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Hey there - trying to create a single release from the 13 CDs in the audiobook I’ve sloooowly been updating - Edit #89970984 - MusicBrainz

If anyone has a chance to approve just to say "yes these all look like the same audiobook, that’d be great :smile:


Now that you are merging your own release groups, please merge your own releases at the same time.
If they were not sold separately, of course.

oh, can I merge them in the same action? I didn’t realize

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Not really the same action but 2 actions at the same time, yes.

Okay - I think I have that now as a second open edit - Edit #89972061 - MusicBrainz let me know if that was not what you intended though!


can i get some eyes on this? it closes in 3 days and it kind of sets a precedent for this label so i don’t want it to just silently pass

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Need some votes to achieve data normalisation:

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correcting a release of a German-language release of Carmen that was linked to French-language works!%3D&conditions.2.args=314

(edited link to exclude cover art adds I just did)

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I need some votes on Edit #90094065 - MusicBrainz

The original English soundtrack is a 26-track release. Each translated soundtrack is a 28-track release where 100% of the English tracks are present.

@chabreyflint seems to think that the presence of 2 extra tracks means that the release group should be exploded into multiple pieces. That seems like a misapplication of the guidelines to me.

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Some release date edits I’d like some extra eyes on:

  1. Edit #90114097 - MusicBrainz
  2. Edit #90124425 - MusicBrainz
  3. Edit #90124843 - MusicBrainz
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These 36 edits need to be reviewed very carefully. Some of them make sense, but most of them do not.


Requesting more reviewers, here.
An AA single whose printed title is:

永遠にともに | Million Films

But official website says:

永遠にともに/Million Films

What do you think is more valuable?
Reproduce printed release or official website?

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