Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Not necessarily a voting request as rather a review one. I have just added a gargantuan, 52-track compilation commemorating 30th anniversary of Tresor label & club:
Release “Tresor 30” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz

I tried my best to match artists to our db as well as recreate title style, but with this many tracks I could make mistakes. If anyone’s willing to take a closer look, I would appreciate it.

Label source:
Tresor 30 | Various Artists | Tresor Records (

Other databases:
Tresor 30 (2021, File) - Discogs
Tresor 30 by Various Artists (Album, Techno): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Physical media covers:
3.jpg (2000×2035) (
R-20245015-1634198135-6787.jpeg.jpg (600×600) (

Some press pack:
tresor-330-30-years-boxset-press-info.png (1200×1200) (

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Once again, someone has doubled up lyricist and composer credits based on a generic “music and lyrics by” booklet credit. I’m debating whether to open up a new discussion about this; I’ve said my piece about it repeatedly, and yet it keeps coming up.

I left these edits votable so as to 1) get everything done in one fell swoop and 2) gather some opinions on the matter.

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I’ve always understood that if it was in the booklet as words & music by, then we add that to the work. Only on ISWC or right services that we didn’t assume both.


I’ve never seen anyone explicitly claim this. I have reason to doubt that reasoning, though. I’ve seen it in sheet music books as well, such as this one. Most of the works contained therein have the roles clearly defined; there are a handful that don’t, and on those works the contributors are listed next to “music and lyric by.” I just assumed the publisher listed them that way for continuity purposes, rather than suggesting both/all contributors contributed both music and lyrics.

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This too. Usually an album wide credit is all that many artists need because only one person is the creator of the works on the album. If a track is a collaboration then you get a “except for track 4 with” type credit.

Separate per track credits only make sense when every track is different.

I’m talking about a per track credit, not a whole album credit. Sorry I didn’t specify.

I’m confused then. What else does “Words and Music” mean than “Lyrics & Composer”?

It means exactly that. I thought you were confusing credits that appear once in a booklet, with ones that appear on each individual track in the booklet. Like if it said all words & music by Chicago, for the entire release obviously, we wouldn’t know each members contribution to each song. But when a booklet says Words and music by Robert Lamm & Phil Goldston on one track, but on another track in the same booklet say Music by Jason Scheff & Robert Lamm and Lyrics by Robert Lamm it leads me to think that maybe both Robert Lamm & Phil Goldston actually had a hand in both the words & music as the booklet says.


I add a lot of works and credits, and follow your description exactly. This is why I was confused by the question. Knowledge of a band often helps. Two names on Words and Music means two people sat down and collaborated. A common thing to happen if you read the biographies and listen to the interviews.


The following release

seems for a private recording of three untitled tracks on a cassette: can it be deleted?

According to discogs it was packaged with some copies of Otomo Yoshihide – Otomo + Mao (1995, Vinyl) - Discogs

Please, share your thought on this edit
Edit #83653339 - MusicBrainz

Same issue with the following edits

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i really want to add an album that uses the recordings in these / three / releases but i can’t until this edit to split some (audibly different) recordings goes through, can someone help me out with that? :pleading_face:

also, this isn’t urgent, but while i’m here… if anyone wants to look through and vote on these few edits where i messed up and put the wrong release date at first i’d be grateful!

Hello, I have a merge that could use votes: a 9-disc release that I made into separate releases, only having learned about multi-disc releases and merging partway through.

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I’ve found that Toby Turner (YouTuber, also known as Tobuscus) was credited with several credits from the 1929, long before he was born. I’ve already created Toby Turner (reeds player with Earl Hines) and duplicated the credits, if I could get an auto-editor to remove all the credits on Earl Hines (and his Orchestra) recordings (listed in link below), that’d be great~

edit: I went ahead and put in the edits I requested, if I could get some votes~

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