Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Open edits for:

Those are part of a set of edits to clean the different releases from Cab Calloway and get the original dates.

To explain how I proceeded:

  1. I added the different original releases (mostly 78 RPM singles) + some LPs with rare tracks
  2. Checked all current available albums & compilations to identify recordings sources when available (+ some guidelines cleanings on titles)
  3. Checked different official sources for recordings (ex: Jazz and Ragtime Records, 1897-1942) and aggregated infos in a file to have all the confirmed and potential recordings
  4. (where we are know) Merging the tracks known to have only one recording
  5. Clean recordings with multiple versions
  6. Clean the recordings credited to Cab Calloway only (17 pages)

Thanks for the help


I created the artist with the disambiguation “1970s, Holland”, and linked him to a Discogs page that, at the time, contained releases from Holland in the 1970s. As a result of some Discogs reshuffling, the Discogs page now is about a Hungarian guitarist.

This edit would update the Discogs link to be the new link for the Dutch music.

I’ve gotten a no-vote–by someone who (it seems) thinks the MB artist entry should now be about the Hungarian guitarist.

Okay, nevermind. I’m withdrawing that edit, and replacing it with one that makes sense.

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I added 2 missing tracks from the list of this compilation. Aesthetic Vibes | Various Artists | Underrated Records
Could I get some yes votes for this?

for the same soundtrack there are two release groups with very different tracklists

Can they be merged?

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They are the same. The tracklisting isn’t even really different. It’s just that the 2014 release editor forgot MB style for tracks that are parts of bigger works by leaving off the main name of the work. The “À bout de souffle :” needs to be added on tracks 1-10, and so on the rest of the release when different parts of a work get their own track.

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Can someone go over my submissions? Very new here and don’t want to get going if I’m doing stuff wrong.
I have gotten 0 votes or notes so far.

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Had a look and quite OK except:

  • Guidelines regarding English capitalization
  • Release Group (RG) for promotional CD: It seems those releases should be in same Release Group than the album they refer.
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Second thought. The 2014 release is the “À Bout De Souffle” soundtrack only, and the other one is in a series of French soundtracks
and it includes music from other movies also (A Bout De Souffle, L’Affaire D’Une Nuit, Le Procès, Les Ennemis, Échappement Libre) So, I think it’s worth keeping them disjoint.

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Oh, Ok. I thought they were just bonus tracks.

Could someone help me remove all of these extra tracks on this release?

Those are meant to be there according to the DiscID. I added the Bandcamp version which just has 13 tracks if that helps with tagging?