Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

I think you are not crediting yourself appropriatly.
I would describe your default mode as direct, honest, impulsive.
Nothing wrong with that. Many could learn from it.


Could you please check if the way I’m editing the festival

and related concerts is the right one?
Thanks, Pietro

Seeking help with two labels. I thought these should be merged, but now I’m not sure. If not merged, other distinguishing information is needed.

Merge: Big Beat Records > Big Beat,

I’m not able to get the following items in any search result:

Is it possible to check if there is anything wrong in the way they are stored?

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The 2 artists have just been created and are not indexed yet.
The default search is based on indexes.
You can use direct search to find them: Search Results - MusicBrainz
I guess it’s the same for your event.
An event called Trio?

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Thanks for your feedback.
As far as the name, almost all the concerts in this festival are named according to the main artist

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Oh yes sorry, I do events only rarely, you’re right.
Related: Make event names not required (optional, automatic).

Merged releases with identical barcodes

could you please explain why this edit is automatically applied
while this similar one
is not?

First example by original editor within 1 hour of release addition.
Second example was done after 1 hour and 1 minute.


Wasn’t the amendment period extended to 24 hours?

Added info about this in the wiki a few hours ago:

Some edits, specifically new artists edits, are changeable within 24 hours.

In this topic, you are supposed to explain a little bit of context around your edit.
Not just an edit link.
There are thousands of open edits, we are not starving for edit links.
Why the edit requires more attention or why it should apply quicker.
Otherwise, hardly no one will click to see what it’s about. :wink:


Could I please have a few votes on this edit: Edit #80952094 - MusicBrainz ?

Cleaning up the mess of a very poor submissions. Really needed for proper tagging.

Correcting the location of a recording studio, band is not popular so I doubt anyone will see it without posting the link

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Note that edits will pass after a week unless somebody actively votes against them, most people asking in this thread just need their edits passed more quickly to proceed with other changes.


Oh okay, didn’t know that