Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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You did better than me - I gave up reading after the first few I found. But then I didn’t get past page 6 of Google searches. :smiley: Only spent an hour on it before getting bored.

I am not doubting he has created music, he just has a far bigger and more interesting project there than just the CDs.

Hmm, with that in mind I would definitely just leave them to it… considering they edit Discogs and RYM etc to the same scale I’m not that surprised they’re not too interested in MB specific guidelines.

They are on as ‘HDS7’ if you guys want to keep stalking. I am quite tempted to link them to this discussion and see what their input is :stuck_out_tongue:

None of this seems that out of the ordinary for a nerdy bedroom musician imo… but hey, musicians are artists. And we all know the less said about artists the better :grimacing: :joy:

Oh look, it’s the old “I want to tag my files with this” argument for uploading inappropriate cover art. Again. :roll_eyes:


can i get some votes on this merge but check Should i merge these two labels before voting

@drsaunde is accusing me of being dishonest in, so I’d like some more eyes and votes on the following 12 edits:

There’s some editing history from other sites involved with this editor (yes, I have reported them here), but let’s just look at the validity of these edits just based on MB standards -

here you have merges for three newly created artists with a legal name entries solely to be able to say “it is my legal name”, which MB no longer needs because we now allow aliases: - - -

you can even click the legal name discogs links to see the release that created the legal name entry - they’re pretty comical

and here you have the original account voting on edits by his sock account: - - - this one is probably correct, but it runs contrary to the artist’s edit

*I originally reported this as a sockpuppet account, the edit comments admit to being a meat puppet.

Requesting for votes the following edits on entry

So today I realized that when I first created this release, I had accidentally entered the original disc contents with the wrong track order. However, I cannot re-order the tracks (and add the missing track lengths) because I had previously attached TOCs to the two discs in this release. Therefore, I had deleted the original two discs, and re-created them with the correct track titles and length. Now the two originally incorrectly-entered discs are shown in the release as discs 3 and 4. Please review the pending edits that are meant to clean them up. Thanks.

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I know there are French speakers here. And those who understand the written French language.

If there are no accents on a title in CAPITALS on a cover, should they be used in the lower case version?

Can you confirm that a Track Title like “LE VOYAGE DE PENELOPE” should be written as “Le Voyage de Pénélope” in the track list with the accents because it is the correct French spelling.

This editor does not believe me and is trying to strip the accents :