Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

The man is an enigma. He just gives me a odd feeling about him in the way he is reacting to anyone touching his project. The way he has added such a huge cross linked background it makes me think of that guy who made up the fictional tours for his fictional band a few years back. (Can’t remember his name - long flowing hair)

So far the only “blogs” I have found have mimicked his press release. All the database edits are either by him, or the label name. And even on the label site he has blog articles about “sold out” box sets. I would have though I’d at least have turned up one of those local paper reviews.

Interesting character. But explains his attitude to editing changes. When you go to so much work to create a world like that it is upsetting him that anyone is trying to change it. I would love to have seen the argument on Wikipedia when they sussed him out.

Have to give him huge credit for just how large a set of data he has created! So many links in so many places. The man is dedicated


That’s for certain. An interesting personality(s?) and topic :wink:
In getting curious I stumbled upon this related MusicBrainz page:

At first sight it looks very legit.

But considering what up till now has been reported in this thread, it could also describe some bedroom music recording doodling a while back, blowed up to big proportions.
Studio? Publishing house? Is it all ‘real’?
This all does indeed make you wonder how much overlap there is between the real world and a perhaps more wishful fantasy world.

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Title or series? Pending edits to remove “20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection” from the titles of a number of compilations are under discussion here.

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The more you click, the more you read, the deeper down the rabbit hole of fantasy you travel. Personally I think the whole thing is made up based on a handful of home recorded CDs. Some dedicated to an ex-girlfriend. I spent a bit of time last night and this morning chasing links and could see a very common thread appearing.

All I ask is - find me one other person who has ever written about this project.

Personally I think there is a certain art in what he has produced. All the links, the connections, but it also needs a note added to explain the fantasy, but that note would then be deleted due to “Artist Intent” to stay inside his bubble.

Not so much fantasy as, perhaps, self-aggrandizement. The address listed for the original “Mortified Studio” is just an ordinary looking suburban house, but the music itself clearly exists and is out there in the world. So it’s certainly “legit” for the purposes of MB.

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Agree it is certainly legit in MB eyes as this is clearly more effort than a single YouTube video that some people post. Just not sure why he is allowed to distort so many MB guidelines in the process. The comical part is he would have been left alone in peace if he hadn’t started hammering at those guidelines so hard. :slight_smile:

In a few minutes of searching I’ve found

None of these are Rolling Stone or Pitchfork, granted, and I haven’t attempted to verify their legitimacy.

Really, this sounds about normal for a small-time local band/musician. Personally, I generally take a band/artist more seriously if they actually play concerts/shows, and in my searching I couldn’t find any evidence that this band has ever played shows. However, it’s not uncommon for these small-time acts to rarely play out – It takes a certain amount of dedication to grind through those first few dozen shows of playing to only 5 or so people, and add in that with electronic music, playing live is completely different from the studio experience (i.e. spending hours to make a 5-minute track).

And the lack of concerts is probably a big part of the lack of local newspaper/alt-weekly coverage.

Also, record labels run out of someone’s house is pretty common in the micro-label (AKA “DIY”) scene.

You did better than me - I gave up reading after the first few I found. But then I didn’t get past page 6 of Google searches. :smiley: Only spent an hour on it before getting bored.

I am not doubting he has created music, he just has a far bigger and more interesting project there than just the CDs.

Hmm, with that in mind I would definitely just leave them to it… considering they edit Discogs and RYM etc to the same scale I’m not that surprised they’re not too interested in MB specific guidelines.

They are on as ‘HDS7’ if you guys want to keep stalking. I am quite tempted to link them to this discussion and see what their input is :stuck_out_tongue:

None of this seems that out of the ordinary for a nerdy bedroom musician imo… but hey, musicians are artists. And we all know the less said about artists the better :grimacing: :joy:

Oh look, it’s the old “I want to tag my files with this” argument for uploading inappropriate cover art. Again. :roll_eyes:


can i get some votes on this merge but check Should i merge these two labels before voting

@drsaunde is accusing me of being dishonest in, so I’d like some more eyes and votes on the following 12 edits:

There’s some editing history from other sites involved with this editor (yes, I have reported them here), but let’s just look at the validity of these edits just based on MB standards -

here you have merges for three newly created artists with a legal name entries solely to be able to say “it is my legal name”, which MB no longer needs because we now allow aliases: - - -

you can even click the legal name discogs links to see the release that created the legal name entry - they’re pretty comical

and here you have the original account voting on edits by his sock account: - - - this one is probably correct, but it runs contrary to the artist’s edit

*I originally reported this as a sockpuppet account, the edit comments admit to being a meat puppet.

Requesting for votes the following edits on entry

So today I realized that when I first created this release, I had accidentally entered the original disc contents with the wrong track order. However, I cannot re-order the tracks (and add the missing track lengths) because I had previously attached TOCs to the two discs in this release. Therefore, I had deleted the original two discs, and re-created them with the correct track titles and length. Now the two originally incorrectly-entered discs are shown in the release as discs 3 and 4. Please review the pending edits that are meant to clean them up. Thanks.

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I know there are French speakers here. And those who understand the written French language.

If there are no accents on a title in CAPITALS on a cover, should they be used in the lower case version?

Can you confirm that a Track Title like “LE VOYAGE DE PENELOPE” should be written as “Le Voyage de Pénélope” in the track list with the accents because it is the correct French spelling.

This editor does not believe me and is trying to strip the accents :



My initial import went awry due to the unusual structure of this album, and I fixed it.

There’s an edit with some confusion about how album artist fields should be handled for releases with many artists, but may not warrant the use of “Various Artists”. I left my vote but I would like some other editors to give feedback as well since this is a somewhat unique edgecase.

Requesting for approval on this deletion:

Due to a network glitch on my end, I accidentally created an empty release. Please upvote to have it removed.


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There is a bit of dispute around this merger:

In general, I’m not convinced at all about merging entirely different aliases/names of an artist. It’s not the case of spelling differences like “The Lake People” vs “Lake People” vs “lk_ppl”.
Plus, the synopses for “Amrint Keen” releases do suggest that the alias was made to cover a different creative approach to this artist’s music.

I believe that the general direction on MB is always to keep artistic entities as separated as possible. Compare the numerous monikers for Aphex Twin or Legowelt that have very subtle differences between each other (when it comes to music), if any at all.

Could I get some votes/an Approve on I’d like to merge the release being edited into an existing entry for the same data (it was entered off an incomplete tracklist), but merging seems to require the releases to have matching tracklist lengths.

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