Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Jonas Brothers recording got linked to the wrong single:

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@jesus2099 Ah, my mistake. I misunderstood the first post in this thread.

I made two edits for adding the missing tracks that need to be approved before the merging can happen.


Well… :thinking: Maybe you are right.


I need a few votes to separate the German and Spanish Mikels.

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I started added this year’s 30 Days of Dead, where Grateful Dead releases a song a day for the rest of the month.

I created the release with the first song, then added the second song the next day. When I went to add the third song today, it’s forcing a vote. It didn’t do that for the second song.

Could I get an approval?

Also, does anyone have any idea why adding a song to a medium would be an auto edit one day and a votable edit the next?

There is a grace period where all fixes to your recently added release are automatic.


Please review these edits and the associated topic, as I don’t really mind much about download releases myself enough to go on thinking more:

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I didn’t realize that grace period lasted so long. I’ll just add new songs every week instead of every day.

I thought it was 2h instead of 1h, but in fact it is now a 1 day open bar period.


Please review
Subsequently the track needs to be fixed too.

Edit: take 2,


Without getting into the background of the artist/editor - I am trying to merge 2 pages.
The person voted no, as you can see. Yet, at the same time, he admitted they are the same person.


Your edit needs more details. I agree with the “don’t get into the background of the editor” idea, but your edit notes sound a lot like that.

Reading the edit comments, it sounds like “Rodrigo Barbosy” is a singer who uses “Honicli” as a stage name, and they think it should be a different artist entry, and they are hampered by a lack of skill at musicbrainz edits and poor English skills.

If someone wants to do something legitimate on Musicbrainz, but is making mistakes doing it, I think we should be trying to help them, not fight them.

If that is not the case, a better explanation of why their goal is not legitimate is in order.

Also, consider that this (creating the second artist entry) may be one legitimate edit amidst a batch of bad edits (deleting links/information they want to hide?)


Would appreciate a vote-through on this track add so I can attach the disc ID.


Are these 2 edits correct?

The tracks as listed on a release:

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I’m working with a new Label called “Bay Street Records” as their artist “Otto” It’s owned by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks). There are going to be releases from smaller artists like myself and larger including Joss Stone and was curious if there were any auto editor’s available to help out with any releases and getting the back end with this fantastic database all in check. We’ve already achieved BBC Radio 1 play and as this is the go to database/community it would be great for it all to line up.

Bay Street Website

Here are some edits made by myself (Otto) and my manager Grant would be great if these could be upvoted

Warm regards
Chris (Otto)


Please click the above topic if you are interested in reviewing a David Bowie release group merge.

The original version of this album was wildly incorrect: One CD instead of 8, track titles were translations from somewhere instead of the original Japanese versions, and one of the tracks was completely missing. Votes on the medium add/removals would be appreciated and maybe the recording merges too, but those aren’t that important at the moment.

EDIT: Doh! Just realized I put Japanese titles on the English Pseudo-Release. Rather than try to redo all the artist and relationship stuff it would be much easier to just make a second set of changes for the correct translated track titles after these changes go through. Most titles are already in English, it’s just the handful that are not.

Unclear how to handle a “fixed” barcode entry:

I’m pretty sure this is correct, but between the format and the language would like to get expert opinions: