Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Would appreciate more votes (and comments!) on this contentious edit.
Background information for the edit is in this thread. Cheers

I submitted an edit to change “twenty one pilots” to “twenty | one | pilots” on their Vessel release. That’s how the band name is printed all over the release, and that’s how Discogs also labels it.

Feel free to vote no if necessary, but please leave some comments. THANK YOU!


Some votes on these would be appreciated, to get them through just slightly faster:


I think I’ve entered a number of edits in an order which will cause them to fail. It’d be appreciated if these could be voted through. Thanks!
Tracklist edits

Third time is a charm.

hmm I made a separate thread for this, maybe I should have put it in here instead?
anyway: TURBONEGER: call to vote for a specific edit

I’d also like if one (1!) person votes no to keep the edit open for as long as possible. Thanks, Freso. I want a consensus on this once and for all.

Being a noob I messed up some imports using wikipedia track listings. Quotes galore :frowning:

Votes on would be appreciated and… I’m going to find more to correct :frowning:

Having auto-edit on whoever adds releases/recordings would be very useful…

A big “Thank you!” to @yvanzo for reviewing my edits!

If anyone else would care to review my currently open edits I’d love to get any additional feedback (and/or votes).

Thanks for the helpful hands and TIA for any further assistance!

Can somebody please approve these edits? Tracklist for this album is officially out and it will take too long for the edits to close.

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I approved the 15-track one, since that completely matches the tracklist that’s out. Since the other one is still missing some titles, I’m not sure we’re in a hurry with that one - I’d rather wait until it’s clear the order in that deluxe edition is the same since I’ve seen cases where it isn’t.


Can you approve it now? The last two tracks were officially revealed.

Yup! :slight_smile: Approved now.

I’ve tried to correct another mistake I made with a couple of edits (I have no other open edits).

Both votes and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Apparently my changes are good and part was auto-approved. Just Edit #45857809 needs votes.

Can anybody approve this one?

Why don’t you vote it, @librious?
You’re the original editor.

I did, but it would be nice if it got approved faster because the album is already out and so the information can go through other media earlier.

Here are two other edits that need to be approved, the information from this release are completely wrong, I edited it now that the pre-order is out.

Could I please have some votes on:

Thank you :blush:

Would appreciate it if I can have some votes here. I am splitting a recording that mixes live and studio tracks:

Thanks :grin:

I had a look but as none of these have an explaining their purpose I won’t vote.

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