Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Can someone please check and vote/auto-accept this merge edit? This seems to be connected to an early (buggy?) merge, see edit note. I won’t do other edits on these releases in between.

Left an edit note :slight_smile:

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As an aside, merges (like all destructive edits) can’t be approved by autoeditors.

Thanks chirlu, I still don’t get how a merge can result into a split, see edit #1296294.

I don’t think it did. I think what that means is “this got merged in 2004, and then got split into the two versions when we split releases from tracklists based on release events in 2011”


Thanks reosarevok for the explanation! For the record, some links about the 2011 NGS migration:

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Could someone approve these recording merges for me?
Steve Haun Edits

I am just making final cleanup sweeps for Steve and am tired of waiting a week for each sweep :slight_smile:


Merges are also in the list of stuff that can’t be approved, sorry!


True - I was just hoping to cut down on the 6 day wait at least.

Given they all have 5 Yes votes, pretty sure it’ll just be a 2 day wait :wink:

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lol - awesome! Thanks everyone!

I put in and the associated recording edits to put the full work title into the track titles on:

could someone approve those, it’d make creating & linking the works easier. I’ve uploaded cover art.

(I plan to finish all the ARs, no need for someone else to spend time on adding those. Unless you really want to.)

Could I please get some votes on this to speed it up a bit?
Thanks!! :relieved:

Would like to get these passed ASAP, as there are several other edits I need to make (track times from mediums, relationships, etc), and I’ve gotten burned too many times having a big edit fail because I did something in the wrong order. All changes are based on the original LP, which I have right here. Thanks!

Would love to have help with this edit!
Need to send the link around. Cheers :blush:

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Hey @aerozol, great release!

:grin: :wink: :laughing: :flushed: :point_up:

I will try to help :blush:


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Could I get some votes on ?

Can I get a second opinion on my edits at

I got a no-vote that seems to be missing the point. could use one more yes-vote.
Currently it’s on track to be rejected.

Your other recording edits are also mostly failing…

Edit: Not anymore!

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