Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Two composers on cover, but according to PRO and an interview only one composer was involved.

Could use more opinions here:

If this is not the correct approach I’ll just cancel it. It’s like the opposite of a 2-in-1.

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I’m fairly sure this violates our guideline about release groups, but I think I need some more eyes on it.

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Some newbie added a few links to a filesharing site as a “Download for free” link. If a kindly auto-editor would approve these I’d appreciate it.


Off‐topic, but just wanted to note that sometimes artists themselves upload their albums on those/such sites, and I’ve added links to those in the past. Just being a filesharing site doesn’t invalidate it for being a proper “download for free” URL… but in this case, it almost certainly was. So thanks for removing them. :slight_smile:


I had thought about asking why these sites weren’t blacklisted, but I then I realized the answer was probably “indie musicians”.


Can someone please review the live recordings I decoupled (, so I can continue working on the release.

Same story on another release with the same series:

Another recording got mixed up:

and this one:

Misleading artist name The Last Artful, Dodgr has resulted in separate entities, whereas (at least in case of this album) it’s just one person with a comma in her artistic alias :wink:,_Dodgr

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Hello you loverly AEs. I made a typo when adding an Disambiguation. Tried to correct my error seconds later - and now it is stuck in the seven day queue.

Can someone kick this through please?

My error (which was auto-accepted):
My correction (stuck in the queue):

It should be “Made by ARC”

Thanks @chaban

Minor thing, but easy to miss. The label on their Bandcamp used the Greek capital letter omicron ‘Ο’ instead of Latin capital letter o ‘O’. I’ve made the necessary correction.

There is absolutely no way it was supposed to be the Greek letter, since the titular Oko is a member of Yoruban spirits/deities, Òrìṣàs.

Please vote through my sub-event edits on

so, on the off-chance people actually use the listing to plan their attendance, they actually have the correct info.

A post was split to a new topic: Which ISRC takes precedence when IFPI and printed CD differ?

It looks like an editor made a mistake and is about to vote down a couple good edits.
They didn’t change their votes yet but are still active.
Search query

By looking at the voter’s editing history, they made some questionable edits, such as and


This isn’t unusual. Older users forget how complex this site is for new editors. And finding the rules even harder. Seeing the edit notes can take a long time for many new users. It is a reason why I have often tried to suggest that there needs to be a small “welcome” team who helps the noobies.

The edits pointed out there are fairly sane to a non-MB user. Not many people use those apostrophe’s outside of here. And the Capitalisation rules can take a bit of getting used to as they are not natural.

There needs to be a better way of lifting these kinds of edits into a training channel to better assist people who are often accidentally making lots of mistakes like this. Something that can slow their edits more. Or flash them up properly to an AE who has time to look. I’ve often tried to step in and assist, but usually get no where. So just have to fix their mistakes another time and hope they see the corrections one day.


i agree with IvanDobsky that there needs to be a small “welcome” team who helps the noobies. i found it is a steep learning curve when i started and im pretty tec savvy it would be even harder for those that are not tec savvy


I think it was 6 months before I realized I didn’t have to check “make votes editable” to receive votes on an edit :-). I did it on every edit. I’m glad I did though, because I got a lot of good feedback and learning from it.


Me too. I have to admit that I felt a bit dumb when @Freso (I think it was) asked me why I was asking for votes on stuff that should have been auto-edits. :blush: