Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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It is fairly self explanatory in the edit summary.
undid my own recent edits.
pictures of John Sherrill look like two different people. and at least one of them is now in South Carolina.
But they both started in Texas, are in the same genre, play the same instruments, and numerous sites have their discographies combined.
If they end up being the same person, i will redo the edits. But for right now, it is better to not include the questionable information.

I’d just like the edits cleared out so that I can start fresh.


I need some help with

My annotations on this release explain the problem and I don’t have the skills to fix it. If someone can fix it most of my annotations become redundant. Just leave the bit that starts ‘Packaging is…’.

Thanks in anticipation.


I’m changing the band’s sort name from ‘La Luz’ to ‘Luz, La’. Seems pretty obvious, but maybe I didn’t notice something. Anyone opposed?