Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Maybe you already did it but check AcoustIDs if you can, afterwards.


Thanks for the reminder, I will probably need to remove and re-add a bunch of them.


Someone is downvoting my edits #54812073 and #54812074 without even leaving a note.


Ari is a bit of a mess, so I cleaned her up.


I just wondering if she really needs two entries?


I got a downvote on a pretty straightforward correction on a Japanese soundtrack work.


This release was a hot mess. I’ve found some good sources for individual recording credits, and if these medium edits could be approved I will move on to going over it with a fine toothed comb:


I got an odd downvote on a sort name fix.

Edit: New information has come to light, so I canceled this edit. Thanks anyways. :wink:


I don’t always follow the randomness of if something will go through or if it is delayed.

Can I get some votes to push this through please. Mainly so everyone else who will be using MB as a tagging source in the next weeks will get the correct details.

Album was released Friday. And I have it in my hand as I uploaded details. Trouble is that someone else put it in from the Amazon advert… and I assume that is why my updates are being stalled.

I will be kicking the scanner to life at the weekend and will get the images uploaded to fill in more gaps.

Edit: Just a couple more corrections to drop into place. Any voting much appreciated. These corrections are all based on the cover art in hand and now uploaded to CAA. Linky below takes you to those last couple edits…


I would like votes for my edit

It is about adding the artist credits to tracks from the booklet. One editor says that in MB we only use back cover for artist credits. I disagree. I think if the booklet has more detailed information than the back cover, we should use it. CD back cover is very limited in space, so it often lacks detail.
Style guidelines for Theatre releases say: “Track Artist Credits should be as listed on the release.”

I would really appreciate your opinions on this one. So please vote!


In these edits the discussion is stuck around capitalization of words starting with an apostrophe and some fresh perspectives would surely help.


Due to a bug, one of my multi‐part works has one part ordered and the rest unordered and I cannot remove orders.
So I’m unlinking the only ordered part to be able to re‐add it unordered, as the other parts: ← I have to wait for this to apply to be able to end the fix and forget it, do something else…
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


A while back I was told promotional photographs and images were not to be added to the Cover Art Archive, primarily because they’re not cover art.
An auto-editor recently added a slough of these images to a release (so there was no chance one of us could vote them down). I called him out on this, all the while entering edits to remove those images he uploaded that are not cover art and cannot reasonably be considered cover art, yet that same editor hit me with a barrage of No votes, claiming that they “weren’t hurting anything.”
hyperlink because long URL is looooooong


Edit #56146932 is adding a duplicate of this RG.
I’m not the only one who already explained to the editor how to add a new release into an existing release group without any response. Could someone please try it in French? Thanks.
I’m merging the RGs in Edit #56147068.


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Could I get some votes on this edit
I mistakenly grabbed the wrong artist “B. Emerson” and it should have been “Bill Emerson”. The “B. Emerson” artist is being merged into “Wild Bill Emerson” in 3-4 days which would cause this edit to fail and be on the wrong artist.


Approved. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Can someone have a look at those 3 edits :

I had to fix the releasegroup, album name and tracklist as it was… Let say “not correct” ^^




moved to Should we follow the guidelines if we don't agree with them?


Please don’t link to edits that you disagree with here, esp. without any discussion (here) of why.

Rather make a new post where you argue your case which can maybe/hopefully leave to a discussion of the guideline.