Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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I’m having a problem as the editor is forcing an ISNI sort and that’s blocking other edits I want to make.

Edit #52155417


Is a remix with 100% new music a new work or a recording of the original work?

I share this view:

But I’ll let you all decide:

edit #52017124

PS: Please, just one vote!


So there’s this one editor who likes to add disambiguation comments to recordings, regardless of whether they’re needed or not. I entered a bunch of edits to clean up some of these unnecessary disambiguations and got bombed with No votes: title because long URL is looooong

This same editor also hit me with a barrage of No votes to remove non-existent relationships (after I called him out for adding them).


Can somebody tell me what’s going on with this edit?

I submitted it about a week ago to update the artist credits. The waiting period on the edit has ended but I am not seeing the changes in MB or in Picard.


Ignore this question. I don’t know if there was a delay in the waiting period expiring and the changes showing up on the website and in Picard but the changes are showing up now.


Hello everyone,

Could you please vote for this change, or maybe an auto-editor can do it :

I think I made a mistake to solve a recording conflict, and adding this disembiguation string was not a good idea at all IMO.

Thanks in advance!


The MusicBrainz idea of “one day remaining” is a little confused as to what a day is. Always look closer at the actual expiry time. “One day remaining” means “less that two days” so can actually be 47hours…


There’s this one editor who’s been adding bootleg digital downloads of various releases. Recently they added two “versions” of the same bootleg, with the only difference being slight text differences in the cover art (which itself was badly Photoshopped in on both releases). There’s a bit of a debate whether both versions should be kept, or only one; I think we need some more opinions.