Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

I think it makes sense to have a Release that represents all the tracks as an album, but this fails to assign the correct %_recording_firstreleasedate% value to each track.

(Unfortunately, people were very opposed to allowing a recording to hold a date field separate from the releases it belongs to in MBS-1424.)

My takeaway from the responses to STYLE-410 is that you should also create a Promotional-status 1-track release per daily file with the release date of that file. Doesn’t scale very well, but that’s the result of these tickets.

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It should be possible to research which tapers are responsible for each of these recordings, then merge the recording with the one on the original “release” of that tapers work. A lot of these are probably soundboard recordings which would make it easier. It would still be a lot of work, though.


I’d like to get some votes on merging these releases: Edit #85259184 - MusicBrainz
(And also the release group: Edit #85259413 - MusicBrainz )
I’m in one of those rare MusicBrainz editing moods today, and it’d be very nice to continue working on this group/album I just added without worrying about a pending merge. Thanks in advance!


Everything tagged here (unless vandalized) is suspected of being fake or vandalized by a certain person’s multiple accounts.

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Is it possible to fasten the process here: Release “Самый сладкий сон” by Vasuta - MusicBrainz

The last track contains a mega mix but separated, track by track.

Given the discussion that’s been happening over here:

…I decided to submit this edit RG merge edit:

I think it’d be good to get some more opinions and eyes on this topic. I know it’s not going to resolve in an exact consensus, but I think it’s something that deserves a chance to be deliberated on and discussed.

If that edit goes through, I’ll probably try to use it as precedent and proceed to submit similar edits whenever I turn up separations like those.

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8 posts were split to a new topic: Nemistade / Chris Vrenna

i don’t need an auto-editor, i’d just like opinions on this edit:

most fans believe poppy is a cowriter, but i made it voteable just in case.

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i hate posting so soon after other posts but i put in my first release merge a bit ago and i’d like some eyes on it to make sure i’m not making any huge mistakes haha

& if all looks good perhaps my lovely mb peers could throw some votes my way… :wink:

According to Jazz Archives and Discogs, Jet Sounds is the same release group in Europe and Japan of Bossa per due in US, with an identical tracklist: is it ok to merge?

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i think so, since i’ve seen others in similar situations merged before. make sure to annotate either way! seems like very interesting info people should see :smiley:

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Yes. If it’s the same recordings and track list, then both should be in the same releases group.



A call for some more opinions aswell to get consensus on all the recordings & releases:
There’s 1 track with a French title, which is a well known quote “The King Is Dead, Long Live The King”.
The tracklist on albums are all caps, so we’re not sure wether it’s artist intent to keep the word “Roi” (King) capitalised or not and have a hard space before the exclamation mark as described in the French styleguide.

For now, there’s a mixture of all words’ first letter capitalised/only the word Roi/none at all, space/no space and we would like to get a final decision on this matter which we can follow.


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It’s a sentence so it should follow sentence case in French and exclamation marks (among other) should have a space before (a narrow no break space at best).

We would not capitalise “un roi” or “des rois”… But indeed maybe we should capitalise when it is “le Roi”. :slight_smile:

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi !


Hello. Can someone take a look at my edit and if possible approve it? It’s a two track single (qobuz, juno), I’ll create the one track single (spotify, apple) later. Don’t want to cancel it.
I also have to add isrc and acoustid data to the new recording.

Thank you

It would be better to leave that 1-track single as it was and create a new release for the 2-track one, instead of changing the 1-track and then recreating it anyway.


I was about to leave this same message on the add edit. Please don’t hijack releases unless they have no information. This was set up as a single track Soundcloud release with no barcode in the “view-source” (yes, Soundcloud sometimes actually has barcodes that are the same as the “big 3” streaming services.)

Well I’ve created the one track single so I want to go with this edit. And I won’t hijack releases in future!

Edit #85512750 - MusicBrainz

Can someone work out what is going on here? This is the third attempt at getting this edit to drop in to place. Last two have been failed due to “change of dependencies”. Okay, I understand why that happened first time, but don’t get why it happened second time.

Thank you.

i was cleaning up the distrokid label and have two edits i’d like yes votes on!