Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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I’d like some looks at this one, especially by people familiar with CAA darkened policies and how MB handles them. It’s another one of the Garth Brooks cover art situations. See:
Edit #81962105 - MusicBrainz


I added this release but screwed up the formatting. I’m adding it again, but I need someone to approve this deletion.

Does it make any sense to publish this list?

No, we have a collection type specifically for this :slight_smile: I left a note on the first edit adding the “event”.

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Thanks, but how to deal with artist pages created just to be in that list, like the following?

If you’re not already aware, there’s an ongoing discussion about this:


Ideally, by adding more data. If not possible (here there seems to be a ton of artists) then just let them be auto-removed and they can be re-added if anyone has a legit use for them later :slight_smile:


as mentioned in that thread - some artists won’t be auto removed because they have a link. But that link won’t help us any, because it is also empty.

I think Reo is just talking about the event in question. Re. artists I personally don’t think they should be removed at all (apart from automatically), as they are real, even if the event isn’t :relaxed:


Could you please check if the two realeses in

should be merged?
Yes, in my opinion, as they have the same Catalog# and Barcode.


At this moment they have a different cover art.
They should not be merged in this state.


I have a problem that really sucks. There are some people on musicbrainz that dont like me and they make sure to vote no on everything and they also remove everything i add and make it impossible to do anything. i have wasted a lot of time adding the artist and releases a few times before finally realizing there is no way for me to stop them. so now i have added the artist and just one release and I’m hoping that some people here will subscribe to me and vote yes when i add stuff. I will return the favor any way I can. I also don’t understand how to vote. i have made over 10 auto edits and have had the account for 15 days so am i supposed to be able to vote now? I was not able to.

…that is the release and an album cover was added and the voting is open on that. This time I used an alt account to add everything so maybe that will help me avoid the bullies. Thanks to anyone who reads all of this and tries to help.

These two release groups are exactly the same and need to be merged

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Updated track title and length of track

Please explain what makes you trust that Discogs listing (without scans) more than the original edit. :slight_smile:


Look under “3 May, 1986: Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA” which also backs it up.

This also backs up the track…


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Can I please ask for votes on this edit:

I attached a DiscID on a wrong disc (out of 14), and I’m not sure what problems could occurs if the same ID is used for different discs (of the same release) when ripping or tagging.