Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

I’m trying to clean up a large box set added by a new editor. I had to split several mediums into two (multiple double vinyl albums had originally been submitted as one medium), and while I was doing that I encountered a mile-long indecipherable error message and hit the submit button a second time, which caused two of the new mediums I created to be submitted a second time (as well as completely jumbling the mediums, which I was able to fix).


Hi, could I get some quick votes on this edit please? I had initially entered a single track based on the back cover, but the CD is indeed split in 10 tracks. Once this is applied, I can attach a Disc ID.



I’d appreciate votes on the following recording merge edits. I created new recordings for a release I’ve added before realising the relevant recordings were already in the database (with the same lengths, performers, recording venue, recording year, and associated with EMI).

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Some uncertainty over if an artist name change warrants a separate entity: Edit #74653775 - MusicBrainz

Not my edits, but it would be helpful if I could get some votes on these. The release date was brought forward by a week and is now live in some countries:

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Can a third person vote “yes” on this edit?

There are a couple of artists that go by Takayan/たかやん. A lot of votes are needed to separate them.

Update: I’ve made some improved fixes, those need voting on! :wink:

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i’m in the process of cleaning up/fleshing out Bit Trip Runner2 releases, hoping to switch the artist on the RG to be an artist instead of a label/game studio

any eyes on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Opened a boatload of edits to fix the artist/composer credits on this soundtrack. Would appreciate some help with reviewing/voting on it.

any eyes on this artist merge would be awesome!


another artist merge:

I have a few merges open where I’ve switched from using artist <-> artist relationships to aliases, any feedback on if this would be greatly appreciated!

I would like to get a second look, as it appears to me that unrelated artists are being merged.

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I edited

splitting the artists in teir individial pages Julian Argüelles - MusicBrainz , The Radio Bigband Frankfurt - MusicBrainz , Gwilym Simcock - MusicBrainz , according to Discogs release: now the page Julian Arguelles and The Frankfurt Radio Big Band - MusicBrainz should be deleted?
Moreover, I merged the two pages The Radio Bigband Frankfurt - MusicBrainz and hr-Bigband - MusicBrainz , aliases of the same group: could you please check this edit in order to complete linking esternal information to the resulting page?

There is a duplicate of

with inverted release and artist: how to deal with this entry?

I’d remove unnamed tracks 17-20 (can’t find any evidence for a 20 track release) and then merge the bad release into one of the others.

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Edited both the release (1, 2) and release group of the wrong entry, waiting for the edits to take effect in order to proceed to merge both of them

Could you please explain why the release

is not listed in the artist’s page?

Release groups with only promotional or bootleg releases in them wont show by default on the artist page. You have to click (Show all release groups) at the bottom.

edit: I use @jesus2099’s script ‘ALL RELEASE GROUPS’ to display everything by default.
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