Voice actor credits

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Recently, I’ve taken it upon myself to add English translations or romanized versions of Japanese anime soundtracks. Mostly for my personal use.

I’m wondering how the artist field should be filled out. Specifically, the character and voice actor info.
For example, Oracion uses CV before the voice actor name, “Character name (CV: Voice Actor)”, but that’s also present in the original Japanese credits.
In Utamonogatari: Monogatari Series Theme Songs Compilation Album, the Japanese credits lack the CV; they’re just “Character name (Voice actor)”

Should it be kept in the same style, or should they be unified? I couldn’t find any guidelines on this.



I don’t have a strong opinion on this, but in the absence of any other comments, I would say keep them in the same style.
It’s easy(ish) to standardize something later, much harder to find the original credits again.

Thanks for your great pseudo-release additions by the way!


Thanks, that makes sense.
Looking at the ways Chiwa Saitou is credited, they’re a mixed bag even in the original Japanese.