Vinyl singles title style

What do we use as the title of an old vinyl single?

Just the A-side track name, as in this Beatles single “Please Pease Me

Or the A and B side track names combined, as in this Beatles single “Please Please Me / Ask Me Why

It depends of the package.
If both songs are equally prominent (text is same size), either both on front cover or also possibly First Song on front and Secong Song on back but with a front design look alike, then it will be “First Song / Second Song“.
Now if the A side is bigger, and the B side is smaller or mentions anything like “coupling with Second Song” of “c/w Second Song”, then it will be just “First Song”.


Unfortunately I don’t have sight of the actual record label(s). In which case I guess there is no harm in guessing, or basing it on images of other records on the same Record Label.

Sometimes, if you search the internet for your catalogue number you may find the full package pictures of your edition, on Discogs, for instance, but not only.


I prefer the A side title for the release group if in one release group there are many different singles of both types (A and A / B). It looks less ridiculous also when you use the release group single in a relationship with the album it’s from…


While for the Release Group just the A side title is generally ok (there are cases where the same A is coupled with different Bs in different releases or countries), for the Release itself I prefer the double credit A/B if both tracks are credited, nonwithstanding the size of the credits