Viewing generated AcoustIDs?

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I am currently using Picard to generate and submit AcousticIDs to Musicbrainz. Is there a way to view the generated AcousticID in Picard?
Reason for asking.

For each track in Musicbrainz, there can be 10-20-30 AcousticIDs linked. Is there a way to work out which AcousticID is the one you submitted.


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When you go to a recording on Picard it gives the value in the AcoudID field. I think the only way is just to look at it there and manually compare it to the list under the recording.


You can copy the field on Picard and just do a search while on the fingerprint tab.

So it should show up in the bottom pane. The fields are in alphabetical order. I would assume it should show up after I click generate AcousticID. I vaguely remember see it there once. Though currently not there.
Has there been a change in a recent picard update?

The button that gives you an AcoustID, if it exists, is “Scan”, which does the full acoustic analysing + online lookup. See also my comment at


If I cluster an album of - let’s say - 12 tracks inside Picard and then push the “Scan”-Button, my tracks will be analyzed and hopefully recognized bei AcoustID and MusicBrainz.

At the bottom on the right side panel (aka “New Value”) I can see the AcoustID for every track:


The term is AcoustID, not AcousticID :face_with_monocle: :innocent:

This value will not be generated locally, it will be retrieved from the same name online service AcoustID.

If you don’t get your AcoustIDs for your tracks, the most likely cause is that your tracks can’t be identified by AcoustID online service and/or MusicBrainz.


AcousticID is such a common mistake!

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