Very limited runs and coverart

i know /Style/Release/ says

Any difference in artwork requires a different release… An exception should be made for releases where every cover will necessarily be different (like hand-printed, hand-made or even knit covers): in this case, it can be assumed that all the different versions are equivalent and qualify as just copies of the same release, unless a difference is explicitly made by the artist or label.

my question is: would you create different releases for runs of say, 10 or less CDs, where they are all necessarily unique in this way?

there’s not really a use in being vague i guess lol, i am referring to this specific release:

(oops, hit post before i was done, lol)

there are 5 versions of this that are all pretty visibly different. do you think a case like this should be 5 separate releases, or just one catch-all?


I’d tuck all images onto the one release. If 10 CDs are released in a small number, then adding all the art into one makes some sense.

Kinda optional really in these small numbers. Depends on the effort you are feeling like doing. I’d say both options are correct.


Just looked a the link. I love 'em… but I would worry about putting that red and blue CD into my CD player! That paint will cause a unique rattle. :laughing:


I agree this would be the best solution!!

I personally would probably add them as 5 releases, but I think one release could be fine too.


Generally speaking I would not add an entry for individual ‘random’ or unique cover releases, but if the amount is small enough (personally this number would probably be under 5, but everyone’s different) and you have the artwork I don’t see the harm. Definitely has some pros in terms of displaying interesting artwork on the site and also to tag with.