Variable for MusicBrainz Tag

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fd2b0878c98> #<Tag:0x00007fd2b0878b30>

Is there any way to find the original tag from Picard?

In my files the tag “comment” is used incorrectly. I would like to replace the tag with the original content from MusicBrainz, and if MusicBrainz has no content then delete the tag.

Perhaps a tagging script (not in your file naming script) something like:

  $noop( Do nothing and let Picard set the tag normally. ),

Thank you. Unfortunately it does not work. It was not overwrite. Is %comment% not the content of the ID3Tag of the MP3 file?

Then I really do not understand what you’re asking or trying to do. Sorry.

Please see the documentation for the tag mapping of the comment tag.

Thank you. And sorry. My english is not good.

ID3Tag: comment = My Comment
comment from MusicBrainz = empty
Result wish: comment = empty
Result with your Code: comment = My Comment

ID3Tag: comment = My Comment
comment from MusicBrainz = New Comment
Result wish: comment = New Comment
Result with your Code: At this moment I don’t find a album with a comment for test.