Value in multiple PseudoReleases in a single language/script?

I see value in allowing multiple PseudoReleases in a single language/script.
One case where this may be valuable to a user is where there are user-significant differences in the format of tracknames on the backcoverart and in the booklet.

Here is an example of a Release which appears to contain its tracklist in multiple formats, each of which could be desired as a PseudoRelease by some user:

Other views?

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I’d say this is precisely what pseudo-releases are for. :wink:

I think this thread is a good moment to plug MBS-4501 once again.


On this our minds are as one!

Though our view is not the only one:

I’m not following your example. Can you describe one or two tracks from that release and how they might appear in multiple PRs?

Jérusalem, la Ville des deux Paix : La Paix céleste et la Paix terrestre

Track 8 (edited) has two supplied names in French:

Sonnerie Shofar
Psaume 121 (partie 1)

One user may see value in having a PseudoRelease translating the first form of the name into Afrikaans.
Another user might see value in a PseudoRelease that translates the second form into Afrikaans.

This would result in two valued PseudoReleases in one language.

Sorry but I’m still confused. The linked release has 2 discs and I don’t see those names associated with track 4 on either medium.

The back cover art on the main release isn’t high enough resolution for me to read, so the only cover art I can refer to is (linked to the pseudorelease) and I don’t see the names you mention listed there either.

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Track 8

Will correct erroneous track #

Okay, now I see the “Psaume 121 (partie 1)” name as it appears on the cover art. But I still don’t see where “Sonnerie Shofar” came from. Was it imported from another database?

I am assuming it is in the edit notes.
From memory; I concluded that it came from the tracklist in the book.
It was part of a recurring tracklist for the Release found across the web.
Edit: Discogs uses the shofar name.

Irrespective of the standing of the Discogs tracklist, the existence of multiple official tracklists (that could be used to create valued PseudoReleases) is acknowledged in the MB Guidlines:
Note that many classical releases have a less detailed tracklist at the back and a more detailed one in the booklet. When choosing titles, it’s generally better to follow the more detailed one, if available.