V2.5, BPM and alac/m4a - BPM fails to carry over


Apologies if this is a duplicate post, but noticed that in Picard v2.5, where iTunes was used to extract/create an m4a (alac) file from CD (to obtain/retain the “itunnorm” value), that the iTunes created file has a BPM value of “0”. The problem is that Picard gets a valid BPM value on media lookup, however as soon as one drags the clustered files to the album - the BPM values are lost. Have tried numerous things, but cannot seem to get the BPM value (from media lookup) to prevail so that the resultant m4a file has the BPM value as looked up by Picard.

Not sure if this is “expected” behavior and why when dragging the files from left to right (to the album as resolved by Picard) that the BPM value “disappears” from each track. The BPM is value is present with actual value, but disappears after the track is dragged to it. Hopefully someone here knows how to resolve this.

FWIW - believe that the BPM value is compliments of the AccousticBrainz Tonal-Rythm plugin. Not sure if the fact that because BPM is a result of plugin that, that is why the BPM value “disappears”?


Do the BPM values disappear or get overwritten with different data?

The AccousticBrainz Tonal-Rythm plugin will overwrite BPM data.
If you actually want to keep the data from the files add bpm to the “Preserve these tags from being cleared or overwritten with MusicBrainz data” list in Options > Tags.

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After some testing the data from this plugin is indeed behaving weirdly in 2.5.This is a bug, I need to investigate what’s happening.

Anyway, the preserve these tags option should work for you.

UPDATE: Yes, definitely bugged. If plugins load data asynchronously, as the AcousticBrainz plugin does, this does not get stored correctly in Picard 2.5. We’ll get this fixed in the next release:

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Actually, the rip from iTunes creates a BPM tag (always with a value of zero “0”). Annoying at best. Want the value from the plugin. Also, noticed that this is happening for genre as well (again, plugin sourced - IIRC). Want the plugin version of both pieces of information and not any existing data.