Using "Various Artists" and "Non-Album Tracks" in Scripts


Are the Options settings for (i.e. the text of) “Various Artists” and “Non-Album Tracks” available in scripts via variables? I plan to use them but I don’t want to maintain them twice.



No, they are not :frowning: But I see how this is useful, you might want to open a feature request on


Thanks, I’ll do that.

EDIT: I have to get an Administrator to give me an account to log in on that site. Anyone know who that might be?


Yeah, there was an annoying spammer recently, unfortunately … @Freso or @reosarevok should be able to help you.


That administrator could be me! (As @chirlu mentioned.) I’ve created user “piz” with the same e-mail as on / here and a random password (which should be sent to your e-mail). Please poke me if it doesn’t work.


@Freso, the login worked just fine, and I submitted a ticket for the suggestion.



And for anyone interested in voting on or watching the ticket: