Using Acoustid User Submitted MetaData

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I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but when Picard doesn’t find a match on the AcoustID fingerprint, 80% of the time I can right-click on the fingerprint to “Lookup in Browser” and the correct Title/Album/Artist is in the “User Submitted Metadata” section.

Is there any way to have Picard prompt to load the “User Submitted Metadata”?


Not sure what a “User Submitted Metadata” is. Where is that appearing?

Many albums in MB don’t have AcousticID data. Or AcousticID data attached to different versions. I assume you have noticed that once you do select the correct album on the right the “Submit AcousticIDs” button often lights up which lets you update the MB database with your AcousticIDs.

There is also the RIGHT CLICK \ Other Versions option in the right hand panel that lets you swap the album choice.

User Submitted Metadata is the metadata that is submitted to AcoustId when a fingerprint is submitted to Acoustid, this is literally any artist, album title data that was in the users file. This data is not checked or linked to anything in Musicbrainz, however it is quite useful for songs that have an acoustid but not a musicbrainz id, this is often since there are about four times as many acoustids as mb recording ids.

I dont think Picard uses this data.

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