"User is banned" indicator on banned profiles?

A bit off-topic but is there a reason why banned users don’t have the indication of that on their profiles? I would assume that the work on both the moderation end and the reporting end could probably benefit from knowing which users had already been dealt with.


I think the main reasoning has historically been to avoid shaming users that might have been blocked temporarily but are not actually vandals (for example beginners doing a lot of unwise edits). It does lead to confusion sometimes though so it might be worth revisiting.


Thinking out loud here. Would it be too complicated to implement 2 different flags, one for true vandals, one for temporarily blocked accounts? Also, newbies making mistakes is nothing new so normally they get lots of advise before strong actions, don’t they? Basically, if they choose to ignore the house rules there’s no reason to hide their status.

I meant more the sort which is “Excitedly join MB, add hundreds of (cover art pieces that don’t actually fit our expectations | releases not following any of our guidelines | incorrect relationships) before anyone even has time to correct them” which is a case where I have had to ban users a couple times while giving them feedback because it was just too much for our editors to clean up :slight_smile:

But honestly, I think we should just add at least a small bit of info that says a user is blocked from editing or from leaving edit notes - otherwise it’s also a bit unfair if editors who don’t know ask them to change or explain something and they cannot. I made MBS-13224 for this. @aerozol, maybe you want to give some ideas of a tasteful “this user is banned” indicator? :slight_smile:


Perhaps something like, “This user is currently not allowed to (edit|leave edit notes|etc)”?


What @rdswift has suggested sounds good.

I think a very matter of display would also work, e.g.
Disabled: [voting] [edit notes]

Because I wonder if ‘softening’ text may make it feel more personal? In other words, I don’t know if there is a way to really lessen the sting…


We are adding an indicator on the users’ profiles starting today (in beta) / next release (in production) :slight_smile: Hopefully it will cut on unneeded re-reporting and make things more clear!