Use the name of the album as file name for the cover


Is it possible to use the name of the album in the image file? If so, how can I configure this? (The name “cover” is not very effective.)

Thank you in advance

Yeah, you can use variables inside the file naming. E.g. just setting “Options” > “Cover Art” > “Use the following file name for images” to %album% will use the album title for the name.


Wow, this is amazing and so simple. It works perfect and stores a lot of time. Thank you very much!

I’m starting to love this program

I’m happy this worked for you. I think it’s a kind of hidden and not very well known feature :slight_smile:

It defaults to such name because many players are looking for cover.jpg or folder.jpg in the audiofile’s directory. But it was made configurable :wink:


unfortunately the reverse case does not seem to be true as importing cover art locally doesn’t allow for using tag variables for import

setting “Options” > “Cover Art” > “Local Files” doesn’t seem to take variables unless i miss my guess

Hi Zas, I know that it is not effective. I prefer the name of the album in the cover file name. But how? You wrote it is configurable :slight_smile:

I answered exactly that a few posts above in this thread :wink:


You are correct, scripting currently can’t be used when loading the local cover art, only when saving it. I created a ticket at but it hasn’t been implemented yet because there were more pressing issues before. Now that Picard 2 has been released, someone could try to make a PR (I would do it myself but I’m not a programmer).