Use Picard for Album Artwork Only

Hi, is it possible to use Picard for just its album art without making or saving any changes to track metadata?
If so, what options would i have to select/de-select in the options menu to achieve this?

I’ve manually edited all of my track names myself and would like to keep them as is, while only adding album artwork.

Thank you

i dont think you can tho you should be able to save the album art to your desktop from the website by opening it is the size you wont and right clicking it.

Have a look at this:

It uses artwork from Musicbrainz as well as elsewhere and focus on just changing art.


Thank you for this. Is there a way to have this work on a Mac?

I think you could just disable file renaming, file moving and tag saving. On saving I think Picard would still save the cover art as separate files as configured in Options.

Obviously it would not save cover art to tags then.


Alternatively, they could add all tags into “Preserved tags” so the cover art could be saved in tags if desired :slight_smile: