Use of the word "The" before a group name

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Why does the MB data base not have the word “The” included with Carpenters? We have The Beatles, The Who, The Moody Blues etc… Why not “The” Carpenters? Or has no one bothered to ask? I tried to include it into one of by submissions a while back and it was rejected. (Just an example)

From Discogs: “Though often referred to as “The Carpenters”, their name on official releases and press materials was “Carpenters”.” If you look at the cover art on the release you linked, you’ll see that it doesn’t have “The” on the cover.

It comes down to artist intent. On their official releases, we have “The Beatles” and “The Moody Blues”, we also have “Carpenters” and “Talking Heads”.

In some cases it’s more murky. There are official releases by “The Art of Noise” and “Art of Noise”. In these cases we have to pick one as the “official” name and use artist credits to properly credit the other releases.


Point taken and I have to agree. Personally though, now when I think of Rainy days and Mondays by Carpenters, I have to picture a group of people with hammers and nails sitting in their trucks trying to stay dry. lol.

I do appreciate your response.