USB Style Suggestions

I have a USB drive that I want to enter but wanted to double check on any style items before doing to, as I don’t see anything in the official style guide. This would be the first such item I ever entered.

It has several full albums in different folders, plus bonus tracks some of which are duplicated in different sub-folders, with one top level folder containing all of them. Each track in each folder is triplicated in flac, mp3 and wav format sub-folders. There’s also a bunch of other things like PDFs of reviews, posters, artwork, etc.

From what I have seen of other entries, folks make each folder a separate medium (which kinda makes it looks like multiple USBs, but whatever). So, that was my plan to have each album a separate medium, and then one for the bonus tracks. I was not planning to triplicate the entries for the different formats, but just to include an annotation noting the different formats and a note on the extra artwork and stuff.

Any other suggestions or subtleties I am missing?


Not sure what you mean here, but please don’t add some USB drive as a release to MB. Are you asking about Picard maybe? Only USB drives that should be added to MB are ones that were sold that way. Like The Beatles released a digital release on USB at one point, I believe. Things like that. If this is a release that was packaged that way, that’s one thing. However, your statement of “It has several full albums in different folders” make it sound like a personal collection and not a release.

This is an official release purchased through the artist’s website. I’ve been around long enough to know not to enter personal stuff.


Looks good IMO :slight_smile: What exactly is the “compilation”?


OK, now I just have to make time to sit down and put this in.