Uploading cover art for not existing (classical) releases?

Actually I’m uploading cover art for “The Rubinstein Collection”:

Some of the 82 volumes does not (yet) exist.

I have the cover art and booklets for all the volumes/releases, but I have no idea how to add them for not existing releases.

Can I add such releases without the complete and correct tracklist (maybe adding the release and volume name only)?

What is the best basic work I can do for more experienced user to complete such classical releases?


Yes, you can add incomplete releases without tracklist. This is currently a bit hidden:

  • In the Add Release wizard on the tracklist tab remove the single medium that is there by default (click on the red cross at the upper right)
  • You will see a checkbox “The tracklist for this release is currently unknown.”, mark this and continue

I have to add an artist on the first tab “Release Information”.

Should I add one or multiple original composer (ie “Fryderyk Chopin”) or the pianist “Arthur Rubinstein” or even “Various Artists”?

This is my first attempt. What do you think about this one:

That’s Style/Classical/Release/Artist but I see you figured it out (edited it to add a missing space). This seems definitely useful! If all the covers and booklets are there, it allows someone to add the missing info at any time in the future.

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Should I really add the language “english” for instrumental releases?

The Release language is the language for the Release title and track listing, not for any lyrics or booklet information etc. See Release - MusicBrainz