Uploading a whole lot of differently tagged releases


Hi all,

first off, thanks for all the great work. I’ve been using Picard for quite a while now and once, when I lost my iTunes database, it did indeed save my butt :slight_smile:

Here’s my question: I’ve got almost 50.000 files in my collection, mostly classical, contemporary classical and Pop/rock. I tag my files differently than MusicBrainz, e.g. “Album Interpreter” is Composer and “Interpreter” is singer/Instrumentalist. As far as I can see, it’s just the opposite with you.

However, my collection is quite meticulously tagged and there are many CDs that are not in the MusicBrainz database.

Now my question: is it of any help for you if I upload all this Information or would it just create too much chaos?

Thanks again


I would say add the data, but follow the MusicBrainz style guide, not your own system. You can always use scripts in Picard to convert MusicBrainz data to your system.


As I understand it, MusicBrainz is release oriented, whereas I’m more generic. I’m not such a scripting star, I wouldn’t know how to change everything using scripts and programming doesn’t come easy to me. However, I’m pretty sure someone who knows their way with scripts could very easily batch process the whole thing. My files are super accurate and consistent.

However, I would actually need help on how to batch upload the information. Let me know if this is of interest, I would love to contribute but unfortunately would need help.

I’m using iTunes 10.7, so it’s actually just an XML-file that would need to be batch converted and integrated into the MusicBrainz System.


Picard has a plugin called something like “submit cluster as release” which would import a lot of data for you, and you could just adjust as necessary based on https://beta.musicbrainz.org/doc/Style. There’s no programming involved, just filling out fields.


But if your collection is not release oriented it means that it is recording oriented, which will not be very helpful to contribute to MB…


Release vs. recording, you lost me already there :slight_smile:
Here’s what it Looks like. I think the only difference lies with the “Interpreter” and “album-Interpreter” tag:


Can’t post more than one Picture in one post. Here’s one more:


And one more. Sorry for the multiple posts:

If you think this makes sense using the batch upload plugin in Picard, I’d be happy to do so. Another Option would possibly be to upload the itumes XML and have somebody do Magic with it and only then integrate into MusicBrainz. I’m sorry that I can’t do it, my brain is not made for programming.


It would be awesome if you could contribute to the database!

Firstly though - it’s not going to be possible to automate the whole process.
You will have to at the very least do a bit of manual editing to understand the system first.
But pressing a button and uploading your collection is not a possibility unfortunately - though there are lots of tools that can help!

However I still think you should consider it.
Spending hundreds of hours tagging a private collection is a very unrewarding task compared to essentially tagging on a global scale :smirk:

I would find an artist or some albums on mb where you can fill some gaps to start with, if you’re keen!


Thanks for the heads up, aerozol. I’ll see what I can do. I’d love to have my files aligned to the global community (!!), but I just can’t get over the long title names in the classical music style guide :slight_smile: They are so impractical on small screens.

Thanks everybody, hope I’ll find a way to contribute.

All the best