Upload Custom Art?

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Hi there.

I’m new to MusicBrainz, and I had a question about cover art.

In my audiobook library on my media server, I have various cover art images that I replaced with a custom cover that I made myself. I often did this by taking the existing art and modifying it to have a better appearance. I was wondering if I am allowed to share this custom cover art with the community, possibly by adding it to the entry for the audiobook release to which it belongs.

For example:
The left is the official cover; the right is mine.


Not in Cover Art Archive, but probably in Fanart.tv.
There is plugin for using this in Picard.



Musicbrainz is a database where the main guiding principle is accuracy. These covers would be more appropriate for fanart.tv. AFAICS, images like yours are the reason that site exists.

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The artwork at MusicBrainz is here for similar to reasons Discogs. It is here purely for the identification of the correct edition of a release. These are reference databases holding facts.

There is also the handy secondary use of being a tagging library - but Exact Match is the main aim.

Nice as the art is, you’d find they would be deleted at some point if uploaded.

As well as Fanart.tv there is also theaudiodb.com who does this kind of modified artwork aimed at tagging.