Updating a Single-Track Mix

So this release (Release “Speakeroxxx / The Ox Below: Mega Mix” by Cannibal Ox - MusicBrainz) is separated into single tracks, but the mix itself is a single track. How would I go about adjusting it?

I personally would add a new release with the single track.
And leave the other one (maybe set it to pseudo-release, not sure if that would get me slapped on the wrist though… since pseudo-release is reserved for language variations afaik?)

Just looking at the Release I would think there is a CD version split into tracks. Notice the two AcoustIDs attached both for Classic Freestyle #1 and Classic Freestyle 2 have correct lengths in their finger prints.

Cannibal Ox - Speakeroxxx / The Ox Below (2004, CDr) | Discogs seems to be the Discogs page and they show it as separate tracks. Also the old edit notes point at bootleg sites that also seem to show multiple tracks. There may also have been repackaging\different versions as not all links mention the Intro track.

I don’t think there is any need to set “psuedo release”. Just add your single track as a new Release in the same Release Group.

Is yours a numbered CD - one of 500? What media is it on? Could it be a reissue?


But a CUE file turns it into something that can be sliced into tracks. Which could lead to copies existing as separate tracks. Maybe change it into a digital medium, but I still don’t see how you can be certain that original uploader didn’t have this as tracks?

All you are showing is one angry person who may have ripped it as a single digital file and uploaded it as a torrent.

It just seems more logical to me to keep both as the data is more useful that way.

And you may want to edit that quote a bit. I don’t think that is really necessary to be there in full as insults like that brings zero to the conversation. :worried:


That’s why I wouldn’t store it as an ‘official’ release. I would leave it for those who are tagging with it, but the main entry should reflect exactly what’s on the CD upon purchase.

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But so far we don’t know what is actually on the CD. If anything, Chaban’s post could be showing the source of the single audio file. The original edit shows tracks. The AcoustIDs show tracks. Even Discogs show tracks. Along with the other bootleg sites. @JKBlohm do you have the actual CD? Or a rip? Can you upload a discID?

Its the AcoustIDs that nail it for me. The fingerprints are same length, unusual name, and show the title of that Release.

And seriously @chaban, take that needless homophobic abuse off of that post. That is not an acceptable term to use in any country. :angry:

I was assuming that JKBlohm has it in hand. But it’s not a big deal tbh, if someone has another version in hand with split tracks they can always change it back to official.

p.s. I just had a look on a reliable site and their rip + cue shows one track.
All a matching AcoustID shows is that the same rip has been used to check track times and submit AcoustID’s? Discogs doesn’t use DiscID’s like we do so they always split these kinds of tracks.

Anyway, I would leave the other one up for tagging no matter what, as obviously it’s what’s in circulation (moreso than the very limited edition 1 track CD I’m guessing, even if that is ‘official’).

I realise that this could just be someone who has split the tracks using a CUE file. And it is only two tracks of the album with AcoustID. It is just the way they are labelled that makes makes me wonder. Especially as they seem to be tracks specific to this Release.

I also understand that Discogs don’t have discIDs, but they do also have a lot of grumpy editors running around correcting things. And that would be a single track with sub-tracks if one of the grumpy set had spotted it.

But being a run of only 500 copies I doubt many examples out there to compare. Most of the artwork seems to show the same source image.

I am used to hacking around with all kinds of combos of bootlegs with Hawkwind \ Pink Floyd \ etc and it gets quite common for the same thing to be repackaged in many ways, and knocked back out on CD-Rs. So I lean towards keeping as many options as possible open.

I enjoy a bit of detective work :slight_smile: