Unverifiable Release dates: Delete, reduce to year, leave,?

I’ve been working on the Releases of a defunct label.

The only sources I can find for Release dates (almost always just a year) are things like unsourced metadata at Discogs and Allmusic etc pages for each Release.
I have no reason to believe these years are anything other than the “P” &“C” year from the Release coverart.

Leave it, remove it, leave and annotate, remove and annotate, something else?

(These dates yyyy/yyyy:mm/yyyy:mm:dd are unfortunately used to order the Releases in nonintuitive and catalogue-number-sequence* destroying ways on the page listing the Releases of the Label. And so have a negative effect on UE.
Except for this I would probably not be at all interested in the issues of Release date validity.

*Whilst Release dates seem very difficult to verify or discover, catalogue numbers are very oftern featured on coverart. Though I do admit that the multiple ways that catalogue numbers get altered and deformed on various music databases is a surprise.)

if you did not add it and you dont know what the dates are i would say leave it unless you can prove it to be wrong

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If other sources (Discogs, Allmusic, Wikipedia, RateYourMusic, …) agree on a date, I will use that date (I have also left many [citation needed] in Wikipedia because multiple sources disagreed on a given date…). If that date is earlier than ℗ or © dates… then it’s obviously not the correct release date, but other than that I don’t consider ©/℗ dates at all for release date information.

Other databases are often the best you’ll have, esp. as releases become older and label and artist sites start disappearing into the void.

Of course, if you don’t trust the sources you have, you can always opt to just leave it out/blank/empty—possibly with an explanation/rationale in the edit note and/or annotation.

I wouldn’t remove already existing release dates unless I can prove (or have a well‐founded suspicion) that they’re wrong.


It is a challenge but I do it more often than not
If you are working on releases of a label, can’t you sequence them
in a spreadsheet by catalog number, and figure out the time by
the ones you do have the information for? Try it