Unmangling CP1251-like tags with Picard

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Hi everyone,
Been using Picard for a bit and enjoying it.
I’ve migrated my iTunes library to a new computer and had a whole host of issues, one of which was iTunes mangling cyryllic tags.
Now, usually, this kind of issue is present from the get go due to old metadata. In my case, all the files were displaying correctly at first, and then got into the Àííà Ãåðìàí-ish vibe when I consolidated the library. Thanks iTunes!
Now, I’ve been able to fix some with Picard and fingerprinting, while some remain broken.
There is the decode_cyrillic.py plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work? Any other remedy?

Maybe you could try a different text encoding? It’s under Options > Tags.

You could also ditch iTunes, obviously, but you probably don’t want that.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but there is no CP-1251 in the options. That is why I needed the plugin, but that seems to be broken. Could it be because I am running 1.4.2?
I wish I could ditch iTunes, but that would be even trickier short term.