"unknown" track artists on Grease soundtrack

On this release, all of the tracks are showing “recording artist: [unknown]” which is obviously incorrect. Tracking it down, it looks like somebody edited the recordings on this release, which is unrelated to the movie soundtrack. This release apparently has no artist credits.

I’m not sure how to go about correcting this. Can someone advise me?

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I think I see what happened here. I think the person who added the non-soundtrack release mistakenly added it to the soundtrack’s release group, basing it on the soundtrack release. Rather than fixing that error, they edited the track artist on the recordings to ‘unknown,’ which affected the soundtrack release.


Nicely spotted! :slight_smile:

The second release has re-used the unknown artist recordings by mistake: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/ed7e7d09-81ab-45fa-9a10-63b7619e508a/edits

I have fixed the medium to use the correct recordings from the same release group, on the real soundtrack album: Edit #80337689 - Edit medium
I have also removed the cover album from the OST release group: Edit #80337876 - Edit release


But the second release (non-OST) still belongs in its own RG, right? Per the user that made the changes, that album has completely different performers.

Yes yes, it’s what I did with my above second linked edit: New release group

Funny, didn’t see that last line of your post when I replied. :roll_eyes:

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See that small image icon at the top of my post.

I added this row about one minute before you posted your reply.
But you typed it before seeing my edit. Sorry. :sweat_smile:

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