Unhandled error when submitting data

So this happens for the second time now. I can’t use my first account because the error won’t disappear.
So I started with a new account 2 days ago. And again the submitting error occurs. I can submit data, but it is not indexed and can’t be related.

It’s look like this:

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Hi indy133 and welcome !

Thanks for reporting the issue.
I identified the problem and I’m working on a patch that I can push ASAP.

I can submit data, but it is not indexed and can’t be related.

This part of your message sounds like it could be another issue?
To be clear, the submission error you posted a screenshot of must have prevented the data from being submitted.

Are you having another issue with a successful submission that is not being indexed?
If so, could you please copy those entities BBIDs here?

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Hello again!

I pushed a patch for the issue, please let me know if that fixes it for you !

Also, I should be able to assign the revisions from your two first accounts (indy133, indy134) to the third one (indy135), or vice-versa.
Would you like me to do that?

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Yes that was strange. The message seems to indicate that no data was submitted and indeed you couldn’t find it via “Search”. But when I tried to repeat the submission with a new account, the “not” submitted data was indicated as existing. I just had to hit the sub button again.

Wow, thank you very much. Works!!!

That would be nice. I’d like to use “Indy133” if that’s possible :wink:

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OK, that’s now done! And consequently welcome to #1 place in the leaderboard :wink:
Please check that everything is as you expect, and after that and with your permission I’ll deleted the extraneous user account.

Everything works great now! Thank you very much…

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Oh while we’re here @indy133, I see you’re marking entities as duplicate, which is good, but deleting them, which we try to avoid.

There is a merging tool that will help you merge the information between multiple entities and will redirect to the merged entity instead of breaking a website that would rely on that ID.

I realise this isn’t very well documented, and I’m updating the website a bit to reflect some of the recent changes.
Here’s a tutorial of the merge tool: https://bookbrainz-user-guide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials/merge/

Yes I was aware of this and I’m used to it since it’s a common discogs-tool. But when I tried it i got an error message (I think it was 404). So I couldn’t use this function: I found some message from you about a merging problem (notes were lost). So I assumed the function was paused.
I’ll try it again next time :wink:

Ok just tried it again with the one I made a duplicate. Seems to work now. But I must admit, that this procedure is not really comfortable…