Unclear roles in soundtrack liner notes

I’d like to have some help with ARs I added to these two releases:

For example:

“Supervisor orchestrator: Bruce Fowler” followed by a list of “Orchestrators”: How to enter this? I used the “additional” flag for Bruce Fowler for now. The same with “Supervising music editor”.

“Contractors”: Didn’t find any AR for those, see annotations for a list.

“Principal …”: e.g. “principal viola”. I use the “credited as” instrument field for these.

There are a lot more I wasn’t sure about. I listed those in the release annotations.

Never seen a “supervisor” credit for orchestration before. Annotation to specify seems fine.

I have no idea what that even means so I don’t know what to suggest :confused:

That’s how I’ve done that one in the past.

I’d think it’s the people responsible for hiring the musicians forming the orchestra; but I’m not sure.

That appears to be it.