Unable to unlink an AcoustID ---> seems to be repaired

Unable to unlink an AcoustID.
Getting: ‘’’ Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.’’’

Try to unlink: 938e7edb-7975-4aa4-868c-0434f3490710

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I’m also having issues submitting new AcoustIDs, so it does look like something is up on the AcoustID end. @lukz?

At the moment I have two other issues with AcoustId, which I never had before.
But I don’t know, who’s responsible for that, because I’m using Jaikoz and not Picard.
In one case I don’t get the AcoustID for the release a0d8fa0e-845c-4a97-85e2-5396b6d0f495. But for other releases there’s no problem.
The other case is, and this only for the last days, that I get the acoustid for a release, but I can’t get it registered in MusicBrainz.

I have the same issue. Definitely something going on at the acoustID site.

After the downtime a few weeks ago, I had to expedite the move to a new infrastructure. The final migration was done two days ago. AcoustID is now running in much more reliable and scalable way.

MBID unlinking was one of the things I didn’t catch earlier. It’s fixed now.


Oh, and importing new fingerprint is still not resolved. I hope it will be done tomorrow.


Thank you for your reply.
But the last question, why don’t I get the acoustids for this EP a0d8fa0e-845c-4a97-85e2-5396b6d0f495 .
Is there an issue on your side?

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Is there a place I can monitor the status of the AcoustID service so I don’t have to post here every time something isn’t working?


I’d like this too; it looks like there’s a status page here: http://status.acoustid.org/ but I’m not sure what exactly it means, if there’s “no current announcements” and it claims that the past week has all been at 100%?

With this link http://status.acoustid.org/ I get the message in Firefox:
strong textWarning: Potential Security Risk Aheadstrong text

I don’t use it!!!

Maybe you mean https://acoustid.org/stats

No, it’s really http://status.acoustid.org/ (note the http and not https). But for some reason if you click on this link here in the forums it will open https://status.acoustid.org (with https) instead, but since the status site is not available via https this shows the warning.

Just paste http://status.acoustid.org/ directly in your browser and it will work.

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Isn’t working for me. My browser insists on trying to load the https version :frowning:

And it just seems to have been replaced with a new status page :smiley: This time showing more information, including a big notice:

Import stopped
While we are migrating the master database to our new Kubernetes cluster, submission import process is stopped. It will be restored in a few days.


If that is translated to plain English without the Geek - does that mean Picard cannot currently submit AcoustIDs?

I think so, yes. Receiving AcoustIds at the moment, but can’t they registered in MB

Seems to me, that it’s all repaired :slightly_smiling_face::joy:

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Not completely yet, but it’s on the right way. :slight_smile:


What has happened to the “Submit AcoustID” submission from Picard for the past week? Are these sitting in a queue somewhere? OR would I need to go back to the albums I was working on and re-submit?

https://acoustid.org/track/7be52df2-2229-403d-b05f-5c7f1b285509 has 16 submissions. :joy:

I think they were sitting in a queue… Check for yourself anything you know you submitted. :slight_smile:


I didn’t know I could. Where do I find my submissions? On my MusicBrainz account or AcoustID account? I have had a bit of a poke around but can’t see anything obvious.