Unable to Add my NAS address Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon

Hi all i’m Unable to Add my NAS address. Could you help me?

You need to give us some more details. What do you mean with “add your NAS address”? Where do you want to add it, what do you want to achieve? What have you already tried, what exactly does not work?

If you want to access your files on the NAS and tag them using Picard? How do you have access to the NAS from you computer? What operating system are you using?

Sorry i’m not confident with this community, anyway,
i’m using Picard with Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon and
when i tried to add a NAS Folder where my music files are located.
File Browser onto Picard doesn’t show my smb:// also if i try to add it via + other locations.
The strange thing is that I can navigate from the operating system into that folder without any problems. Any Hints?

Thank you

Thanks for the details. I can’t access the files directly via smb://. You’ll have to mount it to a folder.

If you are using Gnome and access the share via Nautilus it will automatically mount it. From Picard you can then use the Add Files or Add Folder dialogs and access the network share via “Other locations”

Other desktop environments might provide something similar.

You can also permanently mount a Samba share to a folder of your choice, see e.g.

Thank you for the hint, but other locations is not working properly in 2.4.4 and i’m able to navigate thru my folder easily from the file manager. The Shared folder is properly mounted in /mnt/musicshared but there’s no way to watch it from Picard also from the File Manager!
Thank you

Schermata 2020-09-28 alle 12.10.43

Looks like you have installed Picard using Flatpak. Since it is Sandboxed it can’t access arbitrary folders.

You can give a Flatpak app access to additional folders via command line:

flatpak override <package_name_here> --filesystem=<path_here>

In you case it would be:

flatpak override org.musicbrainz.Picard --filesystem=/mnt/musicshared

Or install Picard via apt.


Now is working Thank you!

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