UI Redesign for bookbrainz

hi ! everyone ,
so spending couple of weeks with bookbrainz and metabrainz community , i realised something connecting us :blush:.

while i was solving some issues since past few weeks , i imagined BOOKBRAINZ-SITE in something more ELEGANT WAY than it is now .

we had a discussion regarding changing flow of working on “ADD ENTITY” page ,
the page is kind of havoc now , with lots of inputs and buttons and ya the popup is really annoying and we discussed to remove the pop up .

i spend couple of days on ADOBE XD and REDESIGNED the “ADD ENTITY” page and “FOOTER component” ,
i have kept a color code of the website too .
i want to hear from you people , is it worth to change design . please shout out if you like it and should i start implementing it ? :slight_smile:
adobe link

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Just saying, if your concern is only about add entity page ( you mentioned annoying pop ups and other things), there is a ‘Unified Creation Form’ project proposed for gsoc. I guess if that gets implemented, it will solve these issues as well. ( you can write a proposal if you want).


Thanks for your suggestion…
Let me go through it once…

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I agree it would make more sense to think about a unified creation form desing, if you want to think about a redesign :slight_smile: