UI feedback for file errors


Currently if picard has any errors in loading a file, it shows the file with a error icon and moves it to the unmatched cluster.

Since this behaviour isn’t exactly the best, we are thinking about improving it.

We have a couple of options-

  1. Remove the file which has errors on loading and print the error in the log.
  2. Move all such files to a new special ‘Error’ cluster.

Any thoughts or better suggestions on how picard should handle files with errors on load?


I think removing the file without explicit notice would confuse a lot of users, and most users have no idea to look in a log either. Moving the files to a new cluster (that would stand out, perhaps with a red background) would make it a lot more visible for end users. It could be more visible with a pop-up, but those are annoying.

Maybe it would be possible to display a tooltip with human-readable information about the error whenever the mouse hovers over a track in the error cluster?