Two problems with id3tag: space and album


Two things.

I have the newest MusicBrainz Picard.

Program adds unnecessary space after the apostrophe (space after ')

Second question.

I made my own The Best directories on my computer, which contain single mp3 files from different discs.

At the moment, Picard assigns them the name and album cover of some Top100, mostly German.

I would like Picard to assign the name and cover of the musical piece to the one on which it first appeared, and not some German compilations.

We will likely need more details and examples about the files and the issues (and maybe your settings) than this to diagnose this.

The apostrophe’s is odd as not seen that. Musicbrainz and Picard use the Unicode version which is slightly different looking to the one from your keyboard, but should not be an extra space after it.

On the second point - go into Options \ Metadata \ Preferred Releases.

Now tweak those bars a bit. Push “album”, “single” and “EP” to the right. Push “compilation” to the left. This should now bias the matching to real albums above compilations.

issue nr 2

issue nr 1


on the PC is OK, but on my Denon DRA-800H with USB isn’t OK.

Ivan you are master :wink:

This work’s.

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Excellent. One issue down.

Now back to the apostrophe. My guess is you are seeing the Denon have problems with the Unicode version. Denon probably expects ASCII.

Quick fix: Options \ Metadata and TICK "Convert Unicode punctuation characters to ASCII"

Now the prettified ’ will go back to a keyboard version. Just like when you type in MS Word, MB’s database uses slightly fancy versions punctuation. Your Denon probably wants more “normal” versions like on your keyboard. (See also speechmarks, hyphens, elipses)


Issue nr 1 is down too. :wink:

This is the best gift of the year. :wink:

Happy New Year.


Excellent!! Thank Picard and the devs for being clever and so tweakably adjustable to cover everything.

That punctuation setting was flipped in the latest v2.7 and turned off that ASCII default. Your post will now help other people who search DENON on here. Likely this will catch out a few other users of different media players.

I think your Denon just had a janky font for showing Unicode apostrophe’s. Other players can just put up unknown square blobs.

Glad to help. :slight_smile:


It’s me again.

I checked Polish, Icelandic and British characters. :slight_smile:

Everything seems OK.


Perfect double check. That tick is only changing a sub-set of punctuation. It leaves characters alone. I think your Denon probably has a slightly different use for that Unicode apostrophe U+02BC as it had one, just looks a bit janky on the display.