Two or more different options for saving tags

I’m using Picard for tagging of all kinds of releases. My Problem:

When using for albums i have to switch on album id, -release…, -artist…, and so on otherwise off
For compilations it is different, when the are allready listed in MB like above.
If not the i have to switch it to off.

Is there a way to switch it with a butto or a switch?

If not, please count it as a new feature.


there is no hidden button or switch sorry you can only change it in settings. i dont think there is a script that will do it for you but i could be wrong

Is this for file naming or tagging? My file naming script is set up to automatically use different formats depending on the type of album (e.g. soundtrack, single, etc.) It also checks whether the track artist is different from the album artist and adds the artist name to the file name if they differ. The script is available on GitHub. You may be able to get some ideas from it as to how to address your situation.