Two disc set quandary


I’m having a problem entering a 2 disc set. Jewel case barcode 628261210121, cat# MEG2 52101, (Ultimate Disco). Right now my entry is not correct. While reading the copy-write info I noticed that it appears that each cd in this set had seemingly been marketed as a standalone recording. One by Sony (BMG) and one by Warner Custom. Then reissued as a 2 disc set by Madacy. While Madacy logo is on both discs, each of the discs has its own cat# along with the original producer.

So, should I enter each disc as a standalone release with it’s own cat # and then enter the set with it’s own specific barcode and cat#? I have entered cover art to help you determine an answer. It also appears that I need to remove my erroneous attempt at a merger and start again. Thanks.


This sounds like you have a “box set” release containing several cd’s that may have previously been released on thair own.
For this we add a release with all the disks as you have them and try and include only the overall details.

See as examples of this.